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If a horse training expert guaranteed they would be able to help you improve your horse life, would you let them?
Well, here is your chance! Shane Ransley from Quantum Savvy Horsemanship, is laying it on the line and giving you a money back guarantee.
If after this 8 week course, your results with your horse or relationship haven’t improved to where you are satisfied, we will give you your money back! No Questions asked!

But on the other hand, if you do get the results you are after, what would that be like for you? Would you tell your friends?
Please do, as our goal is to raise the level of enjoyment for all horse owners/riders, whether for sport or for recreational riding. So…. Are you missing out? Is something missing in your horse’s education? Watch this video and get started now.

All Sports Pre-Training is about preparing horses for sports, mentally and physically, before they go into competition and for leisure as well. In recreational riding, it’s really important to have your horse thinking and carrying itself well through whatever you do….trail riding or hacking out, or in your sports, you will need the same things.
We need to make sure our horses are doing all this before we get them out there into the sport or leisure world. Just getting your horse started or broken in, is just getting them ready for their first ride. This is just the basics….turns left and right and transitions. Before a horse begins it’s competition career, there should be another important step, between their first rides(where they get saddled up and introduced to a rider for the first time) and the pressures of sport…the emotional pressures and the physical pressures.

Before they begin competition or to be reliable in recreational riding, all horses need this next step. This is what All Sports Pre-Training is all about. It’s preparing the horse mentally and physically to get out into the world and to be able to confidently handle the things that pop-up in everyday life. Plus, they need to be able to use the correct muscles that we want, so that long term they develop a good back and have good hindquarter use. Then they will stay sound and last longer, in their sport they’ll be more consistent and in leisure-riding, they will be a lot safer. This is what All Sports and Pre-Training is all about.

Start your 8 week course today for a one time payment of just $79.95


How does the program work and what happens after signing up?


This website is to help people prepare their horses for sport or leisure. No matter what you want to do with your horse, the things that you will learn on this website, will help you get better results with your horse, be safer and have a happier horse. All of these really important things, are what we focus on as we go through the course.
The course is divided into two different sections. Firstly the Impulsion Section followed by the Collection Section. The Impulsion part of the program is where we get the horse going forward well and calmly. It is all about emotional control, with the goal to get your horse and you, calm and confident while riding and also to get them thinking through the tasks they do. If you can get your horse thinking and wanting to do the tasks you ask, they will then use their muscles properly. That leads us to the Collection Part of the program.
The Collection Part of the program is more about training. It’s about developing the correct muscles in the horse and getting the horse collecting better. Using their hindquarter, vertically flexing, picking themself up properly, having proper self-courage….that’s what we do in the Collection Part of the program.
This is an eight-week course and when you sign-up, you will get access to all the materials for those eight-weeks. You can have a look through it all and check it all out, watch the videos and download the materials. We will send you an email each week, just to remind you of your tasks for that week. And we will give you a link to the lesson materials for that week.
When you get on to the website after subscribing, we give you access to watch the video online, or to download it so that you can save it to your computer. You can watch it anytime, as a matter of fact, you can even watch it on the phone. If you have an iPhone or something similar, you can save it onto your phone and even watch it out with your horse!
Each week you will get an email with your course materials in it. So you will have a link to your video and a link to your diary download….whatever diary you are up to, whether it’s Impulsion Groundwork, or Impulsion Riding, or Collection. We will give you a series of tasks to do and as you go through them, just tick off the boxes in the diary. You can even put a score on there if you like, to see how your horse is going and keep track of how you are going with your horse.
If you are having trouble with any of the tasks on the list, just keep moving forward. You will keep getting the weekly emails and just by practicing and progressing, overtime things will improve. If it doesn’t, just contact us or visit the Quantum Savvy Horsemanship Forum. One of our Team will help you, or if you’d like even more help, you could join up as Quantum Savvy member. Then, you will be able to upload a video of the task that has given you trouble and we will give you some personal feedback on that.

What if I need help? Is there support?

This course is really about Horse Training and teaching horses. It’s mainly about developing their physical side. It’s not so much about people-training, but we do have a program at Quantum Savvy called the Foundation Program which is focused on teaching people about feel and timing and balance with horses. These are all important things that we need in horsemanship.
So, if you’re having bit of a trouble with some of these tasks, you might want to have a look at the Foundation Program and that will help you to develop your horsemanship skills even more, as you go along. The better your skills, the better your feel and timing. Then, the better results you are going to get with your horse and in a shorter amount of time too. The Foundation Program will help you do a nicer job with this All Sports Pre-training.


Start your 8 week course today for a one time payment of just $79.95


100% Money Back Guarantee

If after this 8 week course your horses results or relationship haven’t improved to where you are satisfied we will give you your money back! no Questions asked!
Recieve instant access to the entire library of All Sports Pre-Training videos and downloads now!
Over 2 1/2 hours of horse training videos sent to you in 8 easy to follow lessons over the next 8 weeks
We will help you stay on track with weekly emails to access your training videos, even though you will actually have access to the full library now.


If you would like even more coaching Join QS for student support


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