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Collection - All Sports Pre Training


Develop your horses fitness and strength so they can find comfort in collection and enjoy the ride.

In this 3 week course Shane Ranlsey takes you through his horses daily training (physical) exercises. Shane explains the difference between Training, Teaching and Tricks and the importance of knowing the difference.

Learn how to strengthen your horse while increasing their range of movement which will increase their ability to do awesome movements like these

  • Proper sell carriage (impulsion)
  • Turnarounds (spins)
  • Pirouettes
  • Counter canter
  • Fly changes (collected)
  • Piaffe
  • Trot extensions
  • Slide stops
  • Square halts
  • Half pass
  • And so much more

This course has been divided up into a 3 week course to give you a set of acheivable goals each week.

Once you have completed this course and you have done enough practice to where the tasks are going well for you,  use this set of tasks on a regular basis to keep your horse in peak condition and ready for any sport or horsemanship pursuit you desire.

This course is designed to go in conjuction with your Foundation Program so keep ticking your homework cards from the Foundation Program.  As you do this you will find even greater results.

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