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Impulsion - All Sports Pre Training

 Learn the keys to building confidence, self carriage and safety. Advanced-Level-2-clinic,-Ji

In this 5 week course Shane Ransley demonstrates a series of ground and ridden tasks that will give you the tools to building confidence and achieving impulsion.

Impulsion is about having control of your horses forward energy, whether your horse is lacking forward, has more than you want or you would just like to improve your horses self carriage and posture.

Following the tasks in this course will give you the tools needed to achieving good impulsion and proper self carriage in your horse.

This course has been divided up into a 5 week course to give you a set of acheivable goals each week.The ideal week is made up of at least 4 x 45 min sessions. Max time for a session is 1.5hrs including breaks.

Idealy once you have completed this course and have done enough practice to where all the tasks are going well for you and you can do all tasks in 1 session then you will be ready to start the follow on course from this which is theCollection course.

This course is designed to go in conjuction with your Foundation Program so keep ticking your homework cards from the Foundation Program. As you do this you will find even greater results.

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