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Caohmin Hank - aka Banjo

Doesn't get better than this!!!!!

Posted by caohmin, 21 November 2013 · 491 views
True happiness
Doesn't get better than this!!!!! The photo said it all:)

exciting times

Posted by caohmin, 03 February 2013 · 370 views

he perhaps sits quietly in the background my baby banjo.....as we tend to write more of our trouble, ie his brother lilp lol. but banjo is by no means kicking back. he is my number one through qs level two and we are working hard. we are now entering into our libert play, something i think he will love and will give me the insights i need about our...

moving on up with connection

Posted by caohmin, 02 September 2012 · 462 views

I finally have started to truly feel things again with my wee pony :)
#1 I am feeling our connection, through spending quality time with him, casual trail rides and asking for that bit more in level2
#2 I see and feel his softness and what he has to offer, as I learn the skills will be truly amazing

some fabulous moments today with a lesson with Mel.

think I found our rapport building trick

Posted by caohmin, 20 August 2012 · 430 views

well....perhaps its me and the passion I have for being free on the open tracks of the bush....but whatever it is, I realised today that this is probably what helps my rapport most with all 3 of my boys best, is to take a cruisy ride out on the trail....nothing tough....especially for my Banjo - just walking along, the odd trot and lots of loose rein and me...

quiet time

Posted by caohmin, 21 June 2012 · 408 views

well Banjo has been having really far too much quiet time in fact and its all on to level 2 next week with some submissions on assignments coming I think......and some seriousness about personal space - see the thing here is this fella is very unoffensive in his approach to the issue and so before you know it he is just THERE!!! so I know I have...

on to Level 2

Posted by caohmin, 31 May 2012 · 353 views

So, whilst workingthrough level 1 with Charles, ofcourse it is time for me to have a play with some level 2 stuff. So Banjo and I have started. And my gosh, what an amazing thing - without even trying he is soft and light, yielding with a suggestion, working on the 22ft like he is a pro'. I cant believe it - I though perhaps sending him on a longer line...

yeh Banjo - level1 QS pony

Posted by caohmin, 20 May 2012 · 293 views

Yeh! So he did it :) my baby, did it!!! I am so proud of where we have come and looking forward to where we are going. Ofcourse because banjo is really such a cool dude and made this a little easy really for me, I am working hard just now to get through level 1 with my other ponies too. However, rest assure my trusty steed is not abandoned -...


Posted by caohmin, 10 May 2012 · 324 views

My little darling QH and I have been having alovely quiet time, playing liberty, some bareback (abandoned due to rain and hail) bush bashing in general and waiting patiently for final 2 assignemments level1.....I feel he and I are both ready to crack on into level 2 ....vvv excited

My little darling

Posted by caohmin, 24 April 2012 · 300 views

Well, the last 12mths this short sturdy and wooley QH has no doubt proven toughness, endurance and huge tolerance and with deep gratitude shown me the way into horsemanship for the better of us all.
I've no doubt already explained that as a result of my falling and injuring myself from this trusty steed many new doors were opened. Lack of confidence and...

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