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Journey of 'Music'

growing within ourselves...

Posted by missmusic, 24 March 2015 · 675 views

growing within ourselves... I am nearly speechless from the growth I have had over the last few weeks. It is hard for me to describe but it feels like my bubble has gotten larger, clearer, I feel lighter in myself and looking at things in a different way.
I think it was all kicked of by some fantastic feedback from my coach via VOV. Mel Peacock hit the nail on the head with s...

with the ups, comes the downs

Posted by missmusic, 01 December 2014 · 241 views

Purchased a nice float last week :) - this week Music is unwell again :(
Vet has been and taken bloods to test for everything possible- Hendra (slim chance but still need to test), virus's, blood count to check from last test etc.
I am so deflated, just as we were starting to get past our challenge of sideways at trot, we are stopped again. I feel selfish...

And Music is BACK!

Posted by missmusic, 20 October 2014 · 321 views

I am so amazed at the connection I have with my mare now. I feel it is a combination of her feeling 100% better in herself (for the first time in many years), having a good leader that is beginning to remain consistent and follow through with phases where needed and getting my release and timing much better.
Music went to Mel for 5days of training...

Left with more questions...

Posted by missmusic, 15 August 2014 · 641 views

Music has not been herself the last couple of days, yesterday especially and called the vet to come out today. Well that visit was made much earlier than planned as it looked like she was coming down with colic again.
I have just spoken with the vet after she received the blood work and it has left us both asking more questions. Her bloods were a bit low...

my intention, was changed by her try

Posted by missmusic, 05 August 2014 · 251 views

I had the intention to do some 22' trot sideways in preparation for our float loading assignment but it turned into one of the biggest magical experiences for me.
We had done a little of trot sideways, progressed onto some liberty no contact and then thought "lets give some short range circles a go" at liberty- in the middle of an open paddock, wit...

Big BFO's in one morning session

Posted by missmusic, 19 June 2014 · 199 views

Well its been awhile since my last blog about our journey- I apologise, time gets away from you sometimes :)
I had written a huge catch up blog then the internet stopped and I lost the whole thing :(

So, since the last blog we have passed level one and been making some good progress with our level two groundwork.
We went to a QSE camp in early May and wa...

A quick note...

Posted by missmusic, 09 April 2014 · 290 views

Music looks like to be all ok :D
We went for a lovely bouncy walk down the road and she was literally walking/trotting circles around me lol
She had her usual brightness back plus some and had a really nice energy about her. I think she really enjoyed our little trail walk :)
I am one happy mumma, thank goodness- we have so much in front of us and she is...

Through sickness and health

Posted by missmusic, 08 April 2014 · 232 views

wow, what a great start to 2014.
We are level one graduates (woohoo!) and have started on our level two.
We attended the Connection clinic out at Canungra with Mel and some really wonderful people. It was amazing and we all ended with brain drain by the second day.
We followed the clinic with a private lesson with Mel and again left with br...

summary- inc our first fall

Posted by missmusic, 04 December 2013 · 294 views

Well, time has crept by without me even noticing and I didn't get a chance to write anything for a few weeks.
Musics attitude has relaxed, she is definitely not as pushy when she has the hatler on. She still pushes the boundaries when she is walking through gates etc without any equipment but level 2 will work on this :). I feel...

uh oh!

Posted by missmusic, 30 October 2013 · 213 views

Well after spending a good half hour typing out my little adventure I've had with uploading my first two assignmens, my finger brushed the mouse pad and wiped everything lol
So I'll do a basic run down:
- tried two nights to upload video file to YouTube, didn't work
- tried filming again but lower resolution, still didn't work after another two nig...

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