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Antics with Achillies & Halos' Happiness

Galooomph Went the Little Mad Maori One Day....

Posted by wahineoz, 22 March 2016 · 300 views

Thursday 17th March 2016, the girls from Nudae are doing the Dolly Parton "Working 9 to 5".
Morgan and I were left in charge of our little slice of heaven, for the week while the girls were away,  or as I like to call it, when they leave me in charge: "The Asylum"
As we'd managed to keep the place nicely moving along, without burning the joint down,...

The Stuff that Dreams are made of.....

Posted by wahineoz, 21 January 2016 · 404 views

We did it, finally, after so long, we finally did it. Achillies and I finally achieved our Level 1 Skills Check.
Skills Check was a dirty word in our house. All my innards would seize up, my butt would pucker, and my mind went south for the Winter (Summer, Spring and Autumn).
We attended the Leadership and Confidence Clinic at Crystal Creek NSW, with Mel...

There's A Light, A Certain Kind of Light

Posted by wahineoz, 27 October 2015 · 628 views

It's been a while since my last entry and there's a good reason for that. 
I've just recently realised that I had become too focused on the tasks and assignments, and had forgotten why we do what we do. And when I wasn't achieveing them I fell into a Black Hole and couldn't find my way out. 
It was terrifying, lonely,disheartening and cripplin...


Posted by wahineoz, 09 August 2015 · 532 views

Level One Focus Group@Nudae today and what an amazing day it was.  
There we were, 6 of us in the Arena, having an impromptu passenger lesson.
I was suppose to be trying to perfect my "Sitting Plop."  It's  still plopping, but today I had a better day at the "Plop", so much so that, I got comfortable, I felt like I was able to actually sit,...

The "G.O." with the FRO plays Tantrums and Tiaras

Posted by wahineoz, 28 July 2015 · 401 views

Sunday 26th July was our PG Day, 40 Assignments in 40 Days, for the Nudae Naturals. We decided we'd play dress up, like one of your favourite Characters from a movie,  and me, being me, decided on a Character, many of you may never have heard of. Her name is Foxy Brown.
She was a late 70's under cover police woman. What made her different for me, w...


Posted by wahineoz, 20 July 2015 · 459 views

Total confusion reigns some days, and other days everything becomes so clear, it's unbelievable.
I've had a few days like that lately, but, touch wood, nothing too dramatic. 
I am trying to tackle the "Sitting Trot" or, as I've aptly named it, the "Sitting Plop". The best way to describe what happens when I attempt this, is:
A sack of Rabid Potatoes....


Posted by wahineoz, 02 July 2015 · 337 views

I was just thinking to myself, "I have nothing to write about, nothing amazing has happened in the last few days". and then I remembered what a very talented and knowledgeable young woman told me once (Mel Peacock) .
Don't forget the
  I'd forgotten the WOW!  
 I made the mistake of not remembering it, or should I say not ap...

Bubba Gump & The Fore1/4 Nightmare

Posted by wahineoz, 21 June 2015 · 223 views

I've been at this and at this and at this. I have had the best advice from the best in the world, and still, I can't seem to get it right. My poor Achillies, I don't know why he puts up with me but he does. You've heard the old saying "If I were a horse, they'd shoot me", I've changed that to, "If he had a gun he'd shoot me". He tries so hard, and my dire...


Posted by wahineoz, 13 May 2015 · 377 views

Today after I finished work, and my scrumptious steak of course, Kerensa asked if I wanted to go for a ride...ahhhh duuuhhh , I don't have to be asked twice.
So I put my boots on (as opposed to my joggers or steel caps) and toodled off to get my little fluff ball out of the paddock. (Only use a light cotton rug, and that's for his itch, not for the cold)...

Alllllll Aboooooaaarrrrdddd.....Toooowooooot

Posted by wahineoz, 10 May 2015 · 433 views

Level 1 Focus Group is held every 2nd Sunday at Nudae, and thank Gawd it is..
Spending time with all of these amazing people and their beautiful horses has been one of the best things I could ask for when it comes to support in achieving my goals.
Achillies and I had a fantastic day today. My skills check needs resubmitting, but you know what, that's ok....

Along the Dustry Trail, a horsemans tale....

Posted by wahineoz, 05 May 2015 · 281 views

Along the Dusty Trail
This old horse, the Rancher said, 
she’s seen some better days,
she’s eating up my profits,
and costs a lot for hay.

Another horse would suit me,
a stronger one at that,
shes seen a lot of miles
just like my cowboy hat.
This old horse, the Rancher said,
she helped me herd my steer,
I’m pretty sure shes ma...

Getting High, Is This Even Legal?

Posted by wahineoz, 03 May 2015 · 344 views

Getting High, Is This Even Legal? The first day I've been in the saddle to ride since 2010 I think, it's been that long I've forgotten how long ago it really was. 03/05/2015 
Today was my first time saddling and mounting Achillies. I was so doubtful of myself, and worried that I was doing everything wrong. Is the saddle blanket in the right place, Ian? Does this saddle fit right...

Being Held Accountable

Posted by wahineoz, 28 April 2015 · 376 views

Well, it's happened. I've had to bite the bullet and make some real commitments to Achillies and I both. We had the first meeting of our Level 1 Focus Group, what an awesome idea, after our Assignment Filming Day. We decided we were going to dedicate ourselves to our horses and each...

Magic Mel, Miyagi Mel, Mel-Chi and the Sensei all in ONE!

Posted by wahineoz, 12 April 2015 · 321 views

Well it's been the wildest month I've ever had, and all of it while I was sober. That in itself was a true miracle. There was the Level 2 Clinic at Tamborine where Achillies and I participated, Auditing Level 3 at Tamborine, and, thanks to the Beautiful Ladies of Quantum Savvy,  Auditing the R.F.T Clinic as well. Talk about Brain Explosion. Then to t...


Posted by wahineoz, 27 March 2015 · 371 views
misschief, clairestack
We will always remember who introduced us to The QS Family, for us at Nudae, it was Lorraine Dowdeswell. I try to ensure that we thank her at every opportunity. Tonight, this message was sent through the FB World.   :)   :)   :)
 I wanted to share this because I don't believe our Instructor and, more importantly, Friend realizes what s...

and we're off....

Posted by wahineoz, 19 March 2015 · 409 views
and we're off....  Kerensa had spoken previously, about the Level 2 Clinic coming up. WOW I thought I'd like to see that. No, Nita, do you want to participate?..Are You Bat Shit Lady, was the answer I gave her.  Obviously, I had answered my own question.
Yes I wanted to participate, No, I don't want to participate, can't I just watch,  I can't, I've never do...

The Kill Pen

Posted by wahineoz, 17 March 2015 · 169 views
True Love
This poem was written by a man who found his heart horse in a kill pen.
"One Chance in a Million"

It happened so sudden, 12 years in my past,
For the rest of my life the injury would last. 
The cars hit head-on, not a chance to slow down,
The next I remember, I lay on the ground. 
My hip joint was crushed beyond all repair.
"You're too y...

Stalled, deflated, but not yet defeated.

Posted by wahineoz, 26 February 2015 · 180 views

It's been so long since my last entry, I feel like this is all new again. I, not Halo, have had a major upheaval when it comes to Halo and I. I got to the stage with her, where I could go feed her, sit with her and just hang out, but she wouldn't let me near her. So we restarted, but, to be honest, I don't blame her for telling me to bugger off, she needs...


Posted by wahineoz, 21 June 2014 · 348 views

STEPPING UP OUR GAME The Carrot Stick and I had become great friends. Halo was becoming more and more desensitised to it,so we were moving along quite well. Or so I thought. 
I had been learning some feeding techniques, or shall we say, etiquette to ensure my safety at feed times.
She was so polite at feed times, and the day she finally did what I'd be asking, (step away...


Posted by wahineoz, 18 June 2014 · 378 views

HOLY, SNAPPING, DUCK CRACKERS!! We had ventured out of the paddock, and into the round yard. We had started lessons with Lorraine, and I felt like an utter failure. 
Approach and retreat, get her to sniff your hand, hind quarter yield, forequarter yield, back up, go forward. Head Up, head down, OH EMM GEE , what was I doing here?
Ok, we were doing ok, now introduce the "Carrot Stic...

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