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Kenny Shaw

UK riders, I need your help

Posted by MeredithS, 19 March 2016 · 338 views
Badminton Horse Trials
Hi there,
I am going to be in London when the Badminton Horse Trials are on.
I would like to get on a day trip and am finding it difficult to find a tour.
Does anyone have any ideas how I can source one?
Thanks in advance.
Meredith Shaw 


Posted by MeredithS, 29 June 2015 · 327 views
Playing with Kenny
Had a great play with Kenny. Manged to put his halter on was I was kneeling beside him. He lowered that giraffe length neck and flexed around for me. He just stood there like a rock. I like him more today. Extra sugar lump in his feed :inlove:

From: Success on the trail with Kenny

Posted by MeredithS, 17 January 2015 · 317 views

Source: Success on the trail with Kenny

Second try

Posted by MeredithS, 08 July 2014 · 326 views
Kenny and Meredith
I have no photos to accompany this blog, as yet
I joined QS in March in Horsham with Mel and went off on my merry way to harness my knowledge. To no avail. I started riding Kenny in the conventional way, English lessons and adult riders. Kenny started behaving like a scared bunny and in the process scared me. That's when I thought, ti...

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