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Behind the scenes progress

Posted by jane_gully, 06 August 2017 · 86 views

Since QSports I have had to back track to fix some issues that I have created with being on Gulliver's off side.  I do think we have made some great progress on fixing this part of our relationship.  I have also been working on our canter but having the same issue of not having a big enough space.
I met a lady who has been keeping her horse in t...

Summer Lessons 2017

Posted by jane_gully, 04 March 2017 · 126 views

Summer Lessons 2017 Well the summer lessons are over once again and I am loaded with so much information that I hope I have remembered in the right context.  I have grown more in confidence and I think I have a much better understanding of what I am looking at in the way of how a horse should move his body.  Gulliver has also become more confident and I feel we are...

Historic Moment

Posted by jane_gully, 26 January 2017 · 157 views

Historic Moment Tonight I finally got on and rode Gulliver bareback.  I got to try my new bareback pad too.  I has followed a whole day of visualising and setting up my bareback pad so that it fit properly.  Plus some swimming to limber up.  I had a failed attempt on Monday night and since then it has been heavily on my mind.  Even Kirra had to w...

Passenger Lessons

Posted by jane_gully, 19 December 2016 · 172 views

Passenger Lessons Going to this years summer lessons has got me all inspired to get out there again and stop making excuses.  After cantering with a thunder storm coming I knew I could do a passenger lesson in the rain.  Previously my passenger lessons had not been complete but I knew that if we are to get it together my little green horse and I really needed to...

Level 1 Achieved 9.12.16

Posted by jane_gully, 11 December 2016 · 171 views

It has been an anxious wait for my last results.  My one rein assignment has been my nemasis.  Starting with a green horse was not ideal and I didn't take into account that my physical health had deteriorated as well as a draft horse is considerably different to ride than what I was use to.
All in all it has been a journey of tears and triu...

A step closer

Posted by jane_gully, 15 November 2016 · 194 views

On Saturday afternoon I had my lesson with Fiona. I was ready to canter Gulliver and to give extra incentive we had a lovely thunder storm approaching. I really think that Fiona conjured it up. So with thunder and lightning and some sand blowing across the arena Fiona kept me focused and we achieved not only a canter but a really lovely canter from th...


Posted by jane_gully, 30 September 2016 · 245 views

The coming months are going to be flat out with Christmas concert preparations for daycare. Work commitments graduations for two of the kids so my challenge is to really escalate my work rate with Gulliver to get this level one finished by Christmas. I know I can do it and with Fiona and Di there to help I know I can do it. Here is my Public declaratio...

Getting Nowhere

Posted by jane_gully, 30 July 2016 · 247 views

Have missed so many play days now and finding it hard to get back into it. My back has played up twice keeping me from riding but today I went out and did some level two ground work. It went really well. Hoping to ride in the morning. Just one assignment from finishing level 1. It still seems so far away.

Special moments coming

Posted by jane_gully, 30 May 2016 · 288 views

This year has brought with it so many great experiences but unfortunately still not level one.  I am my biggest problem and at the moment it is my hips and balance and the fact that it is so dry and the grass has become like ice to Gulliver.  Even at the trot he seems to be sliding on the bends.  I suppose that's what you get when you...

Qld Tour

Posted by jane_gully, 18 April 2016 · 252 views

It has really been an amazing journey over the past few months and I feel that through the enormous support from Meredith, Fiona and Shane we are finally getting somewhere.
I was lucky enough to spend some more time with the QS family over the cooroy stay of the Qld tour.  I came home and rode Gulliver on sunday only to break a fundamental rul...

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