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Behind the scenes progress

Posted by jane_gully, 06 August 2017 · 86 views

Since QSports I have had to back track to fix some issues that I have created with being on Gulliver's off side.  I do think we have made some great progress on fixing this part of our relationship.  I have also been working on our canter but having the same issue of not having a big enough space.
I met a lady who has been keeping her horse in the paddock next door and we decided to go for a ride into the forestry.  It was my first real trail ride since finishing level 1.  It felt amazing.  I felt completely safe on Gulliver the whole time and we were able to get the canter going and get into a nice rhythm.  It was only just over an hour of mostly walking and some trotting and a couple of canter stretches.  Even old Darcy at 27yrs old came out with my daughter Maya and he just looked so happy to be out.  I feel that this one ride has re energised me and I am really looking forward to our Play Day next weekend at Cooroy where I feel we are at a stage where we can move on with our homework cards again.

Woohoo Jane - that's great news!  you have been consistent in your homework and that is paying off for Gulliver.


Looking forward to Sunday!

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nothing quiet like a bush ride to feel invigorated.

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