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Introducing Saint Sonia

Posted by amandal, 23 August 2017 · 71 views

Introducing Saint Sonia Hi All
First time blogger here...
I've been  studying with QS for many years.  I passed my first level one with my big TB Scrubber years ago, unfortunately Scrub passed away.
I have now got a new girl called Sonia, she's a Standy, a  baby just 5 yrs. We have been together since the start of this year.  
I plan to get all my assignments into Mel by the end of the year and have level one done and dusted, we are about half way through.  
Mel has done some horse training with her, to assist her with her transition to a riding horse.
Being a Standy with that extra gait, Sonia and  I  needed a bit of help softening and learning the canter stride.  Of course Mel has done an amazing job.
I have attached a photo of Sonia at an event  we attended recently.  
This little horse just takes everything in her stride, and tries so hard for me and despite me sometimes (When Im not being as clear as i should be). 
Anyway I love following everybody's journeys with their horses and slowly but surely getting to meet as many of the QS family as possible.

Sonia is one lovely horse in looks and nature. You have already done well at shows the future is going to be fun and rewarding. Good luck in your endeavours.

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