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L2 with Bailey - September

Posted by 2legsue, 03 September 2017 · 38 views

it might as well rain until September.... :whistling: and it feels as tho it has 
the weather has been less than pleasant through out August to say the least, hence no blog post as nothing was really achieved!
So spring has now sprung and time to 'grow' a bit more in our horsemanship journey, pull out the excuses (like weeds), nurture the...

Level 2 with Bailey - July

Posted by 2legsue, 07 July 2017 · 101 views

How does another month slip past so quickly  :o
What did we accomplish in June: ~ 2 play days which included braving the cold &
- working on the longer lines with the 22' around the neck
- a trail walk in hand away from and out of sight of the other horses with no calling out by me or Bailey ^_^
- riding and finding the centre on a very st...

Level 2 with Bailey - June

Posted by 2legsue, 02 June 2017 · 74 views

And so another month has finished and we are into winter - already!
Only 20 days to the winter solstice and then there will more daylight again!!
From last month's plan, it seems we have been avoiding 
Cherokee & snaffle bits and helping Bailey find comfort with these in his mouth - card 7
riding in the bridle - card 9 

perhaps as i...

Level 2 with Bailey

Posted by 2legsue, 01 May 2017 · 117 views

My plan to finish L2 with Bailey - thanks Mel for your input  :smartass: scary as it is now April is over  :eek:
May means working on 
Cherokee & snaffle bits and helping Bailey find comfort with these in his mouth - card 7
riding in the bridle - card 9
the impulsion program - all of it, not just bits - so a good look and do of car...

L2 with Bailey - 2014

Posted by 2legsue, 01 March 2014 · 485 views

March - saw another go at the assignment - not quite what I'd planned, but we are still moving forward (in more ways than one at times...and the odd sneaky steps by Bailey  :blush: ) and eventually a Blue Tick for our 1st L2 assignment - yey  :smartass: 
April - we began work...

L2 with Bailey - Feb 2014

Posted by 2legsue, 24 February 2014 · 413 views

Sun 1st - @ Little River PC with Shell & Blue
practiced our first couple of homework cards - not too bad:- (no jumps nor poles today)

 need to work on my hands on his face, lighten up and release quicker on a forward step
watch for and correct the drift of opposite end when yeilding HQ/FQ
sideways...omg!!  wasn't too bad from sec...

Down by the Sea

Posted by 2legsue, 27 January 2013 · 551 views
Bailey, Beach
So we did it - Bailey has now been to the beach, with his mum Pheobe, as a calming influence - not sure if that was for me or him Posted Image  and Dianne came too. Sharron and Stormy also came along for the play at and ?in the water.
Just like taking the dogs for a walk along the beach...

Bailey - L1 and 2 at Ballarat Weekend with Mel

Posted by 2legsue, 16 June 2012 · 485 views

We had a fascinating weekend at a new venue 'Unicorn Park' near Ballarat on the long weekend in June - what were we thinking weather wise :0)

L1 was the ridden stuff in the mornings to build my confidence and get some eyes and feedback on our 'bumpy' canter transtions...hmm, a work in progress for self to believe he can and will do as I ask...

And So The Journey With Pheobe Continues...

Posted by 2legsue, 13 November 2010 · 447 views

Another mind filling weekend with Mel at Burong near Winchelsea -_-
We worked on improving so many 'simple' things - the send, start with 2 eyes facing me at least a stick length away and with 'feel' on the rope (hand following foot), send with contact around me, not through my personal space! Practice when doing trail walk...

My Journey With Pheobe

Posted by 2legsue, 19 February 2010 · 693 views

I am so glad I had chosen to do the level 1 ridden stuff for January, as I think I may have been so left behind at this level 2 clinic with Mel in Noorat :rolleyes:
We touched on lesson 8, but mainly worked on lesson 7...so much in there... :confused1:  
Saturday was about establishing a 'comfort spot'... for both of us!... with a pattern of...

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