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Level 2 with Bailey - July

Posted by 2legsue in 2legsue's Blog, 07 July 2017 · 24 views

How does another month slip past so quickly  :o
What did we accomplish in June: ~ 2 play days which included braving the cold &
- working on the longer lines with the 22' around the neck
- a trail walk in hand away from and out of sight of the other horses with no calling out by me or Bailey ^_^
- riding and finding the centre on a very st...

shut down mode

Posted by iggy_denise in iggy_denise's Blog, 01 July 2017 · 50 views
shut down mode

Dear diary,
                 Winter is here and it is my least favourite time of year. I will go into to shut down mode and take time off. So no more writing form me for a while. Bye.

Dear Human Mind

Posted by tracy01 in tracy01's & Tagonals' Journey, 25 April 2017 · 56 views
Personal Space

Dear Human Mind Our Quantum Savvy journey is so much more than learning horsemanship skills... if I allow my horse to push on my personal space, do I allow people in general to push my personal space. Oh Human Mind, we tried to deny the truth as I truly couldn't be this way. Thank you QS as not only am I learning to be a better horseman, I am also learning to be a better me

Getting Started

Posted by jane_gully in Jane-Khmari, 04 March 2017 · 100 views

Getting Started Just before christmas I decided to throw up three assignments to see how Khmari and I were going and low and behold we passed all three.
After doing the summer lessons with Gulliver and learning more about horses and what it takes to keep them sound and how they should be started.  Khmari has had issues all along and he would be about 10 or 11 years...

Summer Lessons 2017

Posted by jane_gully in jane_gully's Blog, 04 March 2017 · 94 views

Summer Lessons 2017 Well the summer lessons are over once again and I am loaded with so much information that I hope I have remembered in the right context.  I have grown more in confidence and I think I have a much better understanding of what I am looking at in the way of how a horse should move his body.  Gulliver has also become more confident and I feel we are...

First Ride

Posted by Cheyenne in Teena's Blog, 30 October 2016 · 181 views

Yesterday I had my first ride on Oscar, wow was it different to riding Teena, he is so althetic and soft
first we had a nice walk around the round yard then a nice little trot, he is so smooth my butt didn't leave the seat.
wow we are going to have such fun together doing our home work card and assignments
I love this big softy and he loves his cuddles too.

Galooomph Went the Little Mad Maori One Day....

Posted by wahineoz in Antics with Achillies & Halos' Happiness , 22 March 2016 · 261 views

Thursday 17th March 2016, the girls from Nudae are doing the Dolly Parton "Working 9 to 5".
Morgan and I were left in charge of our little slice of heaven, for the week while the girls were away,  or as I like to call it, when they leave me in charge: "The Asylum"
As we'd managed to keep the place nicely moving along, without burning the joint down,...

UK riders, I need your help

Posted by MeredithS in Kenny Shaw, 19 March 2016 · 287 views
Badminton Horse Trials

Hi there,
I am going to be in London when the Badminton Horse Trials are on.
I would like to get on a day trip and am finding it difficult to find a tour.
Does anyone have any ideas how I can source one?
Thanks in advance.
Meredith Shaw 


Posted by rachelpeters1971 in rachelpeters1971's Blog, 12 March 2016 · 238 views
first assighment

omg I cant thank cassie enough for all her hard work,  Was also lovely to meet shane and Meredith I cant not wait till my first assignment  is marked yiiipppiieeeeeee cheers rachel

one rein riding

Posted by iggy_denise in iggy_denise's Blog, 04 August 2015 · 643 views

Well it has been a daunting thing for me to ride with one rein. But I thought its in the program I'll do it. Ill give it a whirl. I have done 7days of passenger at walk by myself and I must say by the 3rd day I was getting a bit board. Which speaks volumes because if I was getting board it means that I am no longer worried about doing this activity. I am...

And the fuses join together...

Posted by elise in The Never Ending Journey, 26 March 2015 · 317 views

I went out to Nero last night for the first time to play since Mels, lesson and the try and eagerness he gave me was phenomenal.
He didn't once turn his face from me, he looked to me for answers and the 'next job'. It is beginning to feel like we are starting to truly talk and understand, properly connecting. I cant believe this horse offers s...

growing within ourselves...

Posted by missmusic in Journey of 'Music', 24 March 2015 · 605 views

growing within ourselves... I am nearly speechless from the growth I have had over the last few weeks. It is hard for me to describe but it feels like my bubble has gotten larger, clearer, I feel lighter in myself and looking at things in a different way.
I think it was all kicked of by some fantastic feedback from my coach via VOV. Mel Peacock hit the nail on the head with s...

Time to Change

Posted by meredith in meredith's Blog, 20 March 2015 · 578 views

Hi everyone.  Here is my latest article, which is the first part to a three part series about Horsemanship!  I hope you enjoy it.
Time to change - by Meredith Ransley
"The danger from horse riding is compounded by the interaction of two species, human and horse, which may result in unpredictable events."
- Dr Raymond A. Cri...

Brumby Culling-MAD project

Posted by samara in Samara's blog, 29 July 2014 · 866 views

Now, the only reason I'm writing about this is because I have to. If you gathered from the title, this is to do with one really big school project needs to be finished in seven weeks and I've barely even started. 😁 One of the tasks is to write a blog about what you discover and what you learn along the way whilst completing your project....

From: The Byfleet Bunch, Summer Solstice Camp Over, 21st June

Posted by drdeb in drdeb's Blog, 12 June 2014 · 318 views

Source: The Byfleet Bunch, Summer Solstice Camp Over, 21st June

2nd Ride with Blue

Posted by jessicam in My Weekly Riding Blog, 10 March 2014 · 506 views

Yesterday just went so.. Perfect? It was a lovely day, birds were singing, sun was shining, horses were happy.

Myself and Izzy arrived and Anita had told us to start walking to the Horses field while Megan -who rode again, yay!- and Livvy groomed Jack and Tango at the top where the ponies were. Me and Izzy eventually got to the horses field and took our...

Doesn't get better than this!!!!!

Posted by caohmin in Caohmin Hank - aka Banjo, 21 November 2013 · 458 views
True happiness

Doesn't get better than this!!!!! The photo said it all:)

Highs and lows

Posted by caseyclarke in caseyclarke's Blog, 12 November 2013 · 483 views

Today I headed to do some qs stuff with Detroit, and I have noticed that he no longer walks away from me when I approach him which I am thrilled about! as I used to drive up to the stables and he would instantly rack off down to the other end of the paddock and I would have to walk down there to retrieve him.
But noticed something funny when I got the hal...

Certainly quiet in here!

Posted by emeraldserpent in emeraldserpent's Blog, 24 October 2013 · 576 views

I'm finding it remarkably quiet in QS world since I rejoined.

From: Darwin Tour July 2013

Posted by mel in Mel's Blog, 19 July 2013 · 680 views

Source: Darwin Tour July 2013

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