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exciting times

he perhaps sits quietly in the background my baby banjo.....as we tend to write more of our trouble, ie his brother lilp lol. but banjo is by no means kicking back. he is my number one through qs level two and we are working hard. we are now entering into our libert play, something i think he will love and will give me the insights i need about our connection and softness. he is by nature and nickname mr rekiable, yet he is the one wh

o brought me to qs, by makng me see nothing sh

ould be taken for grabted

and this theme is one he reminds me of often....push but not too hard, be kind, be my friend, guide me and keep me safe and i do the same - he reminds me often....

i excitedly recognised today that he has the skills to do so much more and so he and i will be working ral hard towrd impulsion camp....with a goal in mind....to do what he is made for- camp draft and barrells.

we visited today a camp draft meet....i was a little sad with the quality of movnt and focus and horseman skills at times, yet inspired to think i could give it a try and as is always in me, would be to do it well. what i loved most was to watch those top end horses and how they worked the cattle almost as if there rider need not be there...and the skill in that of there horseman letting them alone and trusting them to do their job through mutual focus.

how great.

and so as we sat in awe i figured we will look more into this as a means of show casing upcomng skills to be gained some day soon......especially since my well bred cutting horse ought to be given opportunity to show what his mother and father would be proud of...and gave him.


I finally have started to truly feel things again with my wee pony :)

#1 I am feeling our connection, through spending quality time with him, casual trail rides and asking for that bit more in level2

#2 I see and feel his softness and what he has to offer, as I learn the skills will be truly amazing


some fabulous moments today with a lesson with Mel.

The plans changed to take banjo today for a private lesson as 1. I was in a rush and hate being in that sort of mindset with Charles (not that Banjo ought to put up with it either but its just a wee bit easier) 2. I had planned to take Big C away for the weekend nxt wk to l2 QW so wanted to spend some time with banjo and also see how mel though we were getting on tinkering with l2.

Glad that fate had me make that change as today I saw softness, lightness and change in me and my horse that got be a little goose bumpish....and cos EVERYONE love Banjo and he makes it very clear when I am not getting it right, plus will really benefit for the physical developments (Big C already being a very physically capable athlete I feel if its 6mth before he's up there in l2 top end/l3 we wont lose ...not like I wont be keeping the power house that he is just as powerful and ready for it) - we decided to move on up with l2 with him sooner and so he will go to QW this time instead and Big C can follow up behind as soon as we can.


so ....here it really is.....its happening......best get the video camera out and crack on with it now!!


well....perhaps its me and the passion I have for being free on the open tracks of the bush....but whatever it is, I realised today that this is probably what helps my rapport most with all 3 of my boys best, is to take a cruisy ride out on the trail....nothing tough....especially for my Banjo - just walking along, the odd trot and lots of loose rein and me relaxed and confident.

I can start to see my Mr Reliable creep back and feel our connection growing finally. YEAH!!!

we have been tinkering away with level 2 ground work and some ridden.....will get into it in earnest as the weather betters, hoping to have most of the groundwork on video soon atleast.

but also taking some lovely trail rides, the last 3 of which have been just heavenly, finding truly my trust in my seat and soft communication with my horse and him finding confidence from this.

So glad your back Banjo :) and no doubt now we both will go on to be better than ever!


quiet time

well Banjo has been having really far too much quiet time in fact and its all on to level 2 next week with some submissions on assignments coming I think......and some seriousness about personal space - see the thing here is this fella is very unoffensive in his approach to the issue and so before you know it he is just THERE!!! so I know I have to step it up, cos despite his confidence, lesson learnt is when it all falls apart he still needs a leader and that is ME!!

feet trimmed - teeth to check next week and worming to do then everyone is up to date.....

we have continued some nice success on the 22ft and a few short bareback sessions....decided he needed some time out with me Tuesday so took a trail ride....and he was pretty cruisy and nice, a bit impulsive at some stages but with a seriousness to my 1 rein stop he soon realised (I think and hope) that I was serious and I dont appreciate impulsiveness and he can tick along at the pace I suggest on a loose rein, or NOT and I think he got that the NOT part was really not much fun - good boy!!!! then when I asked him to take it up a notch he was all like really are you sure.....golly...but good boy for asking!!!!!! yes impulsion programmes here we come......


on to Level 2

So, whilst workingthrough level 1 with Charles, ofcourse it is time for me to have a play with some level 2 stuff. So Banjo and I have started. And my gosh, what an amazing thing - without even trying he is soft and light, yielding with a suggestion, working on the 22ft like he is a pro'. I cant believe it - I though perhaps sending him on a longer line I would get all sorts of unwanted pulling me across the arena at full QH sprint - but no....he is wonderful. Already some reasonable sideways along the fence, circles and transitions on the 22, going to the end of the 22....some nice liberty and bareback .

So, if Charles doesnt get his act together and make me look better at level 1 LMAO(just kidding)....it will be Banjo through level 2 first!!!!

It is truly wonderful to see the changes that level1 has given this horse and I, not 12mth ago I had a spooky, cranky wee QH, sore back for us both, lots of negative feedback between us, mentally andphysically and now.....YUMMMMMOOOOOOOO


Yeh! So he did it :) my baby, did it!!! I am so proud of where we have come and looking forward to where we are going. Ofcourse because banjo is really such a cool dude and made this a little easy really for me, I am working hard just now to get through level 1 with my other ponies too. However, rest assure my trusty steed is not abandoned - he is having more respite than I'd like in some ways but I donthave 28h days and 10day weeks sadly......so we are working on our liberty to affirm our connection and softness, bareback, the big sticking points lateral flexion and canter transitions - really want to feel some true inner softness and connection before we move on too far so I am tring to find the things that will help us most in that aspect. His confidence has sure come up which is fabulous, our personal space issues is nicely attended to, and snappy departures getting better too.

There will be some hold up in that I have to save for new saddle for him before too much riding, hence I will likley (and due to his status and age.....) put the Big C through level 2 first.

So lots to do I know, but I also know he can do it - level 2 here we come!!!



My little darling QH and I have been having alovely quiet time, playing liberty, some bareback (abandoned due to rain and hail) bush bashing in general and waiting patiently for final 2 assignemments level1.....I feel he and I are both ready to crack on into level 2 ....vvv excited


My little darling

Well, the last 12mths this short sturdy and wooley QH has no doubt proven toughness, endurance and huge tolerance and with deep gratitude shown me the way into horsemanship for the better of us all.

I've no doubt already explained that as a result of my falling and injuring myself from this trusty steed many new doors were opened. Lack of confidence and trust in him and I equally, near divided our 10year friendship and I have really honestly only just truly realised how devastating that would have been.

Born to us by Lady Lara Caohmin - a near drowned him in tears as I hugged him for the 1st time that 1st day of his life....what a divine and curious creature whom immediately gave us all of his trust. He'd hop on the float before anyone had even asked him, sometimes before the bum doors were even opened....he encouraged me to back him bareback in an open field with no shoes on, other horses loose and no helmet at the age of 2!!!.....he took me on my first ride out with him down the lane with my Dad beside him who couldnt be more scared of horses.....he has as a green horse himself accompanied freshly broken crazy arabs on their endevours into endurance...trotted along side 100mile champions and some of the greats of life time distance riding...and achieved many km's himself.

And what do I do - take it all for granted and break his spirit and hurt his back.......well regrets yes, but lessons learnt are more valuable and as we all know those big forgiving hearts are our saviour!

So with time, more care and consideration, respect and trust, and QS skills I think today could be truly the first day of our new partnership where I hereby promise to be always encouraging with compassion, proud of all he does, and aim simply for happiness. And I will gain the trust that is needed to let you go the pace you need - as by golly little horse you really can move so beautifully well and I doubt there are too many horses would be able to save themselves and their rider like you have many times....so lets forget the one time it didnt quite work that way.

I hope only to enhance the innate kindness this horse has and allow him to be the horse he deserves to be and ask only from him that he go along side me in trusted partnership and take that on to do the same for my children as he matures into the leader and friend they need.

I love you Banjo.

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