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This is my journey with my Qurab mare 'Music'

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I am nearly speechless from the growth I have had over the last few weeks. It is hard for me to describe but it feels like my bubble has gotten larger, clearer, I feel lighter in myself and looking at things in a different way.


I think it was all kicked of by some fantastic feedback from my coach via VOV. Mel Peacock hit the nail on the head with some comments and really got me licking and chewing on it. This opened me up and things began to change. Each time I rode Music, something was different- she tried that little bit more, gave me a little more in impulsion, responded on a lighter phase, my energy was beginning to feel like my own and I was taking charge of how to use it and the biggest thing.... Music had a lick and chew when she was doing a walk sideways. Now I don't think I have seen my girl ever lick and chew in movement- this should have been a sign long ago, however I get it now. She wasn't getting the release in movement, she didn't have comfort until we stopped. Now this had me thinking!


Music has just finished 4 days with Mel at horse training, followed by a last minute decision to join in a full day of Level 3 riding clinic and then a lesson with Mel and today, assignment feedback and filming of another assignment. She will be very happy to hear she is getting 4 days rest before a fun filled morning at the WBPD this Sunday).

My head is full of thoughts, tahdahs, exciting information that I can now truly understand. My body feels like it is listening more and I have been able to feel more control over my phases- go up but to also come back to being light.


The thing that has me totally in awe of the programme and Mel's well earnt skill- I see Music in a new light and I think she is seeing me clearer too.

After the last week of hard work, she is still interested in me. I called out to her and she walked at least 2 1/2 acres to come to me and she stayed all the way, even when she saw the halter and lead (she usually stops and or turns away when she sees the halter). She looked interested and willing to go out in the float to have another session. This blew me away, this is coming from the mare that blocked the world out and stared blankly at you, the mare that would turn her bum on you when you approached, the mare that had no connection at all with anything around her. Over the last 3 days, I have seen her lick and chew in movement (once in trot!), stay with me in the present, look interested in her surroundings without being fearful, been in very close contact with horses either side of us and not even put an ear back (not one squeal! she may not have the nickname 'Music the magic dragon' anymore lol) and the big thing...... her face looks softer. She is letting me cuddle her a little and will soften and relax when I give her a little scratch.


I feel like all the pieces are fitting together!

so proud of were we have come from and where we are heading, it is so exciting to see what we can achieve 12 months from here :)


PS- We recieved a blue tick on a live assessment yesterday, so we only have 2 more assignments to get our level 2 grad!


Purchased a nice float last week :) - this week Music is unwell again :(

Vet has been and taken bloods to test for everything possible- Hendra (slim chance but still need to test), virus's, blood count to check from last test etc.

I am so deflated, just as we were starting to get past our challenge of sideways at trot, we are stopped again. I feel selfish for wanting to know our future in our training but I have so much waiting on passing Level 2.

The next few days are going to be a nightmare in the waiting game- just gotta take care of my girl and monitor Cherry as well in case it is infectious and take it as each day comes.

Cross everything possible for a speedy recovery xx


And Music is BACK!

I am so amazed at the connection I have with my mare now. I feel it is a combination of her feeling 100% better in herself (for the first time in many years), having a good leader that is beginning to remain consistent and follow through with phases where needed and getting my release and timing much better.


Music went to Mel for 5days of training down at Murwillimbah and we have looked forward since. The 5 days gave her the turn around we needed to be able to move forward in a straight line rather than the zigzag we were doing. The connection has grown between us (and this is a big thing, as she usually prefers to be by herself or just tolerate you giving her a brush) and I feel she is looking for the comfort in our sessions and is understanding what we are doing.


Today is one just one example but while fresh in my head, should write it down:

I filmed my level 2 no contact assignment today, after having an attempt on Saturday but realised afterwards that it was all out of sequence to what I actually needed to do (hence why we really need to memorise the assignment). Saturdays session also proved very worth while as I had a huge BFO, as I learnt the real meaning of 'letting go' and 'trust in my horse' while trying to canter around bareback and in a halter and lead lol


With this new eagerness in my belly, to film my bareback- I got out there and did it again today. OK, our canter is not even close to the 1min required but she stood still for me to mount, had lovely soft lateral, direct and indirect reins and I stayed on :D


The point is, she was so soft afterwards and allowed me to scratch her sweet spot (which I have now found to be her ears), lowering her head, closing her eyes and just being there with me. We had a little cool down with some walk/trot liberty and you could see her thinking about where she wanted to go (over to the fence where her pony friend was) or stay with me- she choose me! QSports is going to be a good challenge to be out in the open in a new enviroment (kinda, we were there for QSEcamp), new horses and lots of people But it is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our skills we have learnt so far in the programme.


These small things mean the world to me, I am thankful to Shane and Meredith for writing such a fantastic and achievable programme, to help those like me attain a better understanding of the horse and become a leader and true horsemen in the process.


I just love QS! can you tell ;)


Music has not been herself the last couple of days, yesterday especially and called the vet to come out today. Well that visit was made much earlier than planned as it looked like she was coming down with colic again.

I have just spoken with the vet after she received the blood work and it has left us both asking more questions. Her bloods were a bit low in most parts but the biggest worry is the very low white blood cell count. The vet is a bit stumped as to why and I am left fearing the worse for my girl... we have a plan for the next few days, so please cross everything in hope we find the cause and can get her feeling better than she ever has for a long time.


I am trying to stay strong for her...


I had the intention to do some 22' trot sideways in preparation for our float loading assignment but it turned into one of the biggest magical experiences for me.


We had done a little of trot sideways, progressed onto some liberty no contact and then thought "lets give some short range circles a go" at liberty- in the middle of an open paddock, with her two friends on the other side of the fence next to the feed shed.


Well, it was truly astonishing in what we achieved- what I felt during this time.

I had some words replaying in my head from a comment I saw from a fellow QS student (thanks Bindi), which gave me this amazing image. She mentioned the "cobwebs of connection" between ourselves and our horses, especially seen when at liberty. This is what I had envisioned in my minds eye.

When I asked Music up to a trot, she went off into a larger circle (this is what she usually does). With the image of the thin webs between us, connecting our energy together as one, I began to imagine slowly pulling on the threads, asking Music to come and join me under the stick. You know what happened next... She came in to have the stick resting on her back. I was breathless, I was proud and I could feel Music's energy release.

It was yet another moment that showed me what you can achieve when your timing and release is just right.

And to top it all off... whilst walking side by side back to the shed, I asked her to turn away from her friends, stay with me and jump a single barrel near a fence, low behold- she did it! HUGE moment shared with her. This is why we are on the program, to communicate, to show comfort and to enjoy.




Well its been awhile since my last blog about our journey- I apologise, time gets away from you sometimes :)

I had written a huge catch up blog then the internet stopped and I lost the whole thing :(


So, since the last blog we have passed level one and been making some good progress with our level two groundwork.

We went to a QSE camp in early May and was joined by the beautiful and crazy lady Nancy and her boy Junior and a new friend in Fiona and her boy Coolie.

Wow, the camp was absolutely amazing. I highly recommend any QS student to attend at least one in their lifetime- I am hoping to do at least one a year from here on out lol (I think I am going to have to do more work to pay for my new obsession lol).

The grounds of Pomona were lovely and we had fairly good weather- even if the first night was FREZZING! It was lovely riding conditions.

We all had some firsts up there, ours was completing the gallop pattern with a few strides of gallop each lap and maintaining the canter in the inner circle (which was a huge push for me), riding in a bridle, riding in a troop drill and Music popping her cork however being able to get back in line and continue.

The connection I felt with Music following the camp was unbelievable, I just didn't think we could have that together. I learnt a lot about Music and communication however I learnt more about myself. QS isn't all about the horse- Its our journey, emotionally and physically.


On that note, I had some good BFO's the other morning after our session. The biggest one is:

- You may have a goal in place to get through the level as quick as possible or to the earliest time frame BUT you may need to slow down, go back a step or two to revisit completed assignments/homework cards, in order for you to be able to move forward as a whole component to the next step. The program really looks at your emotions, your mental capacity, in order to communicate effectively with your horse. Here I was trying to get through my assignments and I was missing key elements of the purpose of doing them.

- Feel, feel, feel. Having feel on the rope really does help communicate with your horse. I felt like I was pulling on her when I gathered my feel on the rope, so I always ended up having a big loop on the rope which just flaps in the breeze.

- VOV's are the best teaching aid you can have. I recommend anyone that wants their very own private lesson each time you submit an assignment, to upgrade to getting Voice Over Videos with your feedback. Your coach will show you the moments you are doing good and the points that they are talking about in your feedback- nearly as good as having the coach right there next to you.


What an amazing journey this is for both myself and Music- How wonderful it is that we were lead into this fantastic program.


A quick note...

Music looks like to be all ok :D

We went for a lovely bouncy walk down the road and she was literally walking/trotting circles around me lol

She had her usual brightness back plus some and had a really nice energy about her. I think she really enjoyed our little trail walk :)

I am one happy mumma, thank goodness- we have so much in front of us and she is my star, I want to go all the way with her xx


wow, what a great start to 2014.

We are level one graduates (woohoo!) and have started on our level two.

We attended the Connection clinic out at Canungra with Mel and some really wonderful people. It was amazing and we all ended with brain drain by the second day.

We followed the clinic with a private lesson with Mel and again left with brain drain lol. We had many ah ha moments- the first was conquering the drive over Mt Tamborine (for anyone that has driven it will know what I mean lol), sorted out our back up on the 22foot, sends and spirals and even got some trot sideways happening. Even got to do some bareback riding walk and trot in a new area with Music staying calm.


so with the good, comes the bad... Music came down with colic last weekend.

Now that word and Laminitis just rings terror in owners ears, let alone mine that has lost a horse to impaction. After the treatment from the vet, many midnight checks and countless vitals taken, it looks like she is making a full recovery. I was in a state of panic and have been very worried as she was still having little lay downs but after seeing the vet yet again today, she has reassured me that Music is doing well and the tummy pain that she may be experiencing will subside.


back to the good stuff... I am a GO for Wallen Wonders :) I have some very big shoes to fill but I know I have a huge support network and I will be able to call the very wonderful Lorraine if I ever need to.

I am so grateful to Lorraine for taking us in when I was fluffing around with horsemanship and not sticking to anything really lol and allowing me to follow her shadow every opportunity I got and try and absorb everything that she gives. With such an amazing role model to follow behind, how can you not try to be the very best you can be :D You are an inspiration Lorraine, you have planted the seed and I can not wait to join you someday as a QS professional xx


Well, time has crept by without me even noticing and I didn't get a chance to write anything for a few weeks.


Musics attitude has relaxed, she is definitely not as pushy when she has the hatler on. She still pushes the boundaries when she is walking through gates etc without any equipment but level 2 will work on this :). I feel she has a calm energy about her now with a bit of spunk, she is not closed off as she used to be. I also feel like she is happy, it may seem a bit weird and its hard to describe but its like she is happy spending time with me and wants to play.


At a play day shortly after the last blog, Music had only tried to protect her space once out of a few hours and it was about 10min into riding her. This was a big step for her!

A couple of weeks later we had a friend over to help each other out film our assignments. We both had a ride together and there was a real turning point for Music with this. The other horse started coming towards us, Music started to brace herself, the ears went back but then I started to swing the end of my rope around her to protect our space. She relaxed and it was like she went "oh thank god I don't need to worry about this anymore". This was a HUGE moment for us both!!


We attended the annual QS obstacle Challenge on the GC in November and the whole day was amazing. Having her tied to the float for the morning without any reactions from her surroundings was a huge turn around. She was super calm and relaxed (even had a couple of people mention how calm she was) throughout the obstacles, even when she was unsure, her energy did not rise.

We completed 10 out of 12 obstacles and received 3rd runner up. We received a 5, mainly 4's and a few 3 savvy points (these were marked for release, timing and communication).


We got our first Blue ticks last week! Three! woohoo! Approach, Skills Check and Loading. We are working on a couple of points for the short range but I don't think it will be too long till we have the 4th blue tick :)


Tody my little boy and I went out for a little ride down the road doubling (as we usually do). Music was free moving (her movement has improved from having some body treatments) and quite alert. she zig zagged for a little while down the road then continued down to the scary corner. For some reason this corner is the breaking point for a few horses, maybe as its the last place you can see home ??

This is were my memory goes a bit blank. I remember her walking straight around the corner and sticking to the grass, she did not stop or try to turn around back home. I then felt her have a little spook (which is usually a slight jump up and stand on the ground) but this time she must have spun on her HQ. Mr 2 1/2 fell forward and started going off the side so I instinctly tried to grab him but then pushed him clear of Music as I was falling off to the side. He landed on his front/hands and feet, I luckily landed on my side.

Music had then stood still until I got myself and Mr 2 1/2 off the ground and then she started walking home lol


After a check of any injuries to my little one, we proceeded to lead Music back to the scary spot and continued down the road. Mr 2 1/2 got back on and kept riding (yay, I was hoping this wasn't going to scare him off completely) and we collected some leaves along the way.

When we returned back home, Mr 2 1/2 wanted a little trot so I asked Music as if we were doing our Short Range circles, she responded so lightly and felt like she was really listening to my body language. we even did a couple of HQ-Fq yields to change direction so my little one got the feel of spinning quickly (but not as quick as she had done out on the trail lol). I am now thinking about getting a smaller pony for Mr 2 1/2 but am worried that I will run out of time with Music :(


All in all, I am very happy with our progress.

With a lesson with Mel booked for this week and a two day clinic with her for boosting confidence in riding, I see that we will be ticking off level one soon. what great timing we had, starting the program and having Mel on the Coast for clinics- it was a sign that we are meant to be in this and moving forward in the right direction :)


until next time, have fun with your horses

Jenn xxx



uh oh!

Well after spending a good half hour typing out my little adventure I've had with uploading my first two assignmens, my finger brushed the mouse pad and wiped everything lol


So I'll do a basic run down:

- tried two nights to upload video file to YouTube, didn't work

- tried filming again but lower resolution, still didn't work after another two nights

- decided to take laptop in to shop to get checked over, found as it was 5yrs old it wont have the power needed to deal with high res photos and videos (I love photography even though I am a beginner and was determined to use my camera otherwise it would be sitting in a bag)

- went window shopping for different brands and prices as I had never actually brought myself a brand new laptop before

- walked out of the shop with a kickarse new laptop that could probably whistle at you if I knew what buttons to push lol

- found an excellent video converter that makes the video file smaller and easier to upload to YouTube

- have one video published and another very close to being finished 'hooray!'


For anyone that would like details on what I have found works, please leave comment :)


I am so happy I have finally found a little way that works, now to get back out to the paddock and tick off some more homework cards,

have a great day with your horses


What a brillant day!

Wow! What a morning we had, I just had to blog it :D

Started the morning working through some homework cards, had my little boy running around (as usual! he is proving to be a great tool for desensitizing horses lol) dragging his trikes and shade tents out only a few meters away from Music. She was using a little more right brain, reacting to things that she is generally non reactive too.

We had been invited out on a little walk down the road with the new agistee and a lady down the road. I know I shouldn't have gone as I did not feel I had as much respect from Music that morning and especially doubling with my little boy but wow, did Music surprise me.

She walked so well (in halter and rope made into two reins) with the two others (we did stay behind them to make sure her bottom was away) with only one moment of ears flicked back and slight snake head towards one of them. She listened when I asked for one rein stop, most times I did not have to get her to flex around. She was calm and so responsive- it was amazing!


I am so excited of these changes in my mare in such a short time on starting this program. Who would've thought that I could walk my mare out with two other geldings (one that is next to her paddock and one that she has not meet before), there were a few times we got close to the others and there was a slight head snake but not one squeal or hump/cow kick out- what a fantastic day



Introduction :)

Hello everyone :)

I would like to introduce myself and my beautiful mare 'Music'.


A little background story of how we meet: I was studying Equine Podiotherapy and was helping out a fellow trimmer whilst she was on holidays. She had asked me to travel to see a few horses for her. After trimming Music, there was just something about her that got me chatting to the owner, I found out that she was for sale and had been for about a year as the owner was waiting for the right person to love her.

I left that day thinking of how nice it would be to own a horse again but having an 8mth old boy was bringing me back to reality and telling me it was going to be just too hard by myself.

I was back again in four weeks to do another round of trimming and I could not get her out of my head. I spoke to the owner about maybe a trail run or maybe spend some time with her with my son around to see how she would handle a little person.

Well, after a few months, she was transported up to a property where I was moving into and I had purchased her.

Now I was told a lot of things from the previous owner about how to train, ride and be with her. I was very confused, was sent down a different natural horsemanship path that left Music very blocked, stubborn and disengaged. She ignored me and seemed very shut off :( She never bucked, reared or put a foot wrong. She just did what was asked very slowly. She let my little boy ride and even double around the arena any out on basic trails but I was noticing how 'shut off' she seemed. The owner of the property even mentioned how she wasn't interacting with the other horses, she choose to stand by herself.


This is when I started joining in Lorraine's QS play days, to get out with other horsey people and see what else I could do. I do admit that I was a 'phuffer' for awhile, I was so confused with what other people were telling me and seeing how shut off Music was. I tried a bit of this then a bit of that, then went back to home and was more confused lol.

Then one day a few months ago in one of Lorraine's play days, everything she had told me over the last few play days I was able to attend, all made sense! I had the tah da moment I think music was shouting at me to have!

Ever since that day, Music has opened up, become more energetic and expressive in play. The owner of the property told me just the other day how happy Music looks :) phew! What a relieve :)


I have now officially become a QS student and have started my own QS journey. I have started this blog to mainly remind myself of how far we have come together, as sometimes you can forget about where you had started from.


Thank you to those that may read this


Jenn xxx

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