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About this blog

This is going to be about my riding, the QS and basically what i do in my riding time! :D

Entries in this blog


2nd Ride with Blue

Yesterday just went so.. Perfect? It was a lovely day, birds were singing, sun was shining, horses were happy.


Myself and Izzy arrived and Anita had told us to start walking to the Horses field while Megan -who rode again, yay!- and Livvy groomed Jack and Tango at the top where the ponies were. Me and Izzy eventually got to the horses field and took our head collars, smiling very brightly in the mean time. We both walked across the field and caught Blue and Logic, and it was nice to receive a 'Pony Hug'.

We walked Blue and Logic to the posts and started grooming, already Blue was molting! I love Blue's coat, it's because it's very very soft and my favourite horse coat colour!! After hanging out with them for a bit, we tacked them up and Woah it was hard to mount without help haha xD

With the Help of Monica giving us both a leg up, we soon saw Livvy and Megan who were both mounted on Jack and Tango coming towards us. We walked Blue and Logic out and then said hi and talked about what we thought might happen today. Then, we slowly made our way to the field opposite the Ponies one and rode in. Monica put a cone in the middle and we had to walk around it altogether in a steady pace. Blue and Logic in the mean time were doing great!!! :D After we got used to the feel for our new Rides - well for me, Izzy and Megan- we had a trot one by one. Still going around the cone with a huge circle. Blue really didn't need much more then the slightest feel with your boot and he went into a steady trot! :) We had to trot, turn into the cone and hind quarter yield (?) them using our indirect rein (?). Blue was fantastic and so were the others. We then, all 4 of us, walked around the field together once and then when we came back to the cone, offered them a drink. Logic and Lue had a drink while Livvy and Megan went off to the other side and had a very fast canter together! Monica explained to me and Izzy that she wanted to take it easy today and we oth understood why :). When Livvy and Megs came back, we went back around the cone and did some all together trot! It was great and all our rides were doing a fantastic job!

After that, we all took turns to do some different figures around that area (figure of eight, circles, serpentines Ect.) which was basically follow the leader. Blue was amazingly amazing :) at the end, Iivvy went off and had a VERY VERY fast canter to us because she was the only one who was on a pony she was used to. It all slowly came to an end and we made plans about the summer! We walked out the gate, and Megan and Livvy went back up the bridle way back to the ponies area up at the top, while Monica came with Izzy and I back to the horses field. We untacked and let Logic and Blue go who both immediately rolled-!


Yesterday was absolutely great and Monica had even said it had worked better then she had thought it would! Thank you Blue and Logic for being great great boys, and Well done to Tango and Jack who also did very well :D


Ride with Blue ;)


blog-0908444001388339833.jpgToday, it was sort of a surprize for me really.

I had woken up at 10:30ish am and was panicking, thinking I had riding today which I usually have at 11:15am. But, my mum told me it wasnt till later.

Time spun by, and my mum told me that I was going riding at 1pm till 3ish. I was sooo confused as to why I had to go riding later then usual. . .


I put my boots on, got my things ready and my mum just kept grinning at me the whole time!!


When we got there, Monica was a bit late due to her car break down and we had to go 'rescue' her from down the road haha :)

Then, when we got out I was told I had a mini lesson with Blue, Monica and me!!! I was sooo excited-!

I caught Blue and groomed him. He was very relaxed and didn't twitch in any place. I then did some circpes with him, and did some trotting circles around me. He was A M A Z I N G. Then, I tacked up. The saddle was so heavy!!!!!!!

Then, I did circles on each rein and tightened the girth each time. I did a small log jump with him on the ground and he was great getting over it. I did some lateral reflections (I still dont really know the real spelling of it xD) and wrap arounds. Monica helped me get on and I walked him into the little arena. I noticed as I was riding, if you touch one rein the slightest bit; Blue went that way! It was soo funny when I was sitting more weight on one side and Blue was going sideways : D. I had a lovely walk and trot on him, and I found out you dont need alot of pressure at all to ask him into a faster or slower gait. He was beautiful to ride on. His transition to canter was so smooth I was just.. wow. Afterwards, with Monica we walked arohnd thw field in a calm walk. Smiling. After I had untacked, I gave Blue a cuddle and thank you, and he stayed in halt until I had moved away first.


I love Blue, he is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!


I learned today that you need very aoft hands with him and to keep your leg off of his sides otherwise he did sideways!!


Haha, but overall today was brilliant. Blue was Brilliant. :)


Barrel jumping

Yesterday at riding, we got the ponies and tacked up. Toffee was fab picking up his hooves and putting his saddle on. Had a bit of trouble with his bridle though :D


We rode down the field to the bottom field, which was where we did the QS filming. We went into the field opposite and started trotting/warming up around the field spaced out. I tried doing transitions and a more energetic trot!


Monica, in the mean time, got 2 jump stands, a pole and 2 barrels. It started out as the barrels apart from each other and the pole on the ground. We had to trot over it focusing on our straightness an accuracy. Slowly. We moved onto doing it in canter and Monica out the pole up. We took turns but kept moving, and slowly the barrels got together. Monica had out the jump going towards their 'home' so you would have to keep control of the canter and not let the pony go faster.


Finally, the barrels were put together and Jack went first. A couple strides later, Tango went and then the same with Toffee. We all cleared the barrels!! We did it about 3times i think...


Toffee was great! It was nice to be on a pony who was a more confident jumper :)


Tango had even jumped the barrels and she had usually refused it, but with Izzy's urge to go over it, she did!!


After our brilliant lesson, we walked around the field opposite and had a chat and laugh, Tango constantly calling it for Pinky.


After that, we let the ponies go and took the saddles, we walked up and and did some tack cleaning for a bit! Me and the others agreed that we could all tack clean for ages!

Monica then came in and gave us the news... Around February, the horses would be coming down to the field!!! :D

Then, as myself and Izzy were getting too big for Toffee and Tango, she said that I could ride Blue (The gorgeous dappled grey horse <3) and Izzy would ride Logic (?). If Megan ever came back to our lesson, she would ride Tango while Livvy rode Jack still :)


I do hope this happens though!!!

It's got me excited :)


Again, the lesson was one to remember and i already can't wait for this Saturday and Sunday ! :)


Yesterday, I rode Toffee. I think I now share him too (?) :). We went down to the bottom field, (girls field) and set out a dressage arena in the open field. The spew walked back up. Got the ponies and tacked up. Toffee picked up his hooves fine, without hesitance and his girth he only flattened his ears. I was the first to tack up and so I went into the jump paddock and did some circles with Toffee, he was really good! He wasn't in my space and he wasn't pulling so it went smoothly. We then got on and rode to the girls field. She warmed up and then we spread out across the field, there was a small circled pen and I waited there at halt while Izzy cantered away to the other side of the field. Then, I then edged Toffee on, and he went straight from halt to a fast canter! I was just laughing!! I held onto the mane and lent forward in 'cross country' position. He didn't go out of control, because I had managed to slow him down and come to walk. Then we did some more dressage, we did transitions and walking and trotting with no stirrups which made our legs kill!! We did some more dressage things which was fun and then went off and had a canter altogether. Fab. :D we then walked up the field, and trotted slightly. Jack had stayed behind and the cantered towards me and Izzy, we heard Livvy laughing!

We untacked and hung out with them for a bit :)


OMG...riding today was absolutely A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!


We groomed and tacked up first, and then rode into the jumping arena. I rode Jack (miss him already :( ) Megan rode Toffee, (I'm starting to ride now) and Izzy rode Tango.


We focused on the transitions from Trot to halt, walk to trot and the hardest, walk to canter!!

After that, we did some canter transitions and then, after around 30 minutes, we went to the big field and did a group canter coming up hill. The canter was ver very soft on Jack and was great fun!!!


Then, we thought that was our cool down, but it wasn't!! :D


At walk, we went back to the jump paddock and took our saddles off while we were still on the ponies!! Anita (riding instructor) came and helped us to take e saddles to the ground without damaging them. We then were bareback and then we walked around bareback. Me and Izzy went to Anita and asked if we could canter bareback. But then, as soon as we were ready to canter, I realised Jack had no mane! I had to have a rope around Jacks next for extra support. We trotted and then cantered bareback! And, for me, it was my first time to canter bareback.. S I was slightly scared..but risks don't hurt do they? :)

I have never cantered bareback and I have to say, I prefer it without a saddle!!


Then, afterwards, we jumped off and let them go :)

I really would like to canter bareback again :D it was great fun!


Riding Blog!

Hello, yesterday we has a great time doing Pony Club Flatwork. We had Grace who trained us for the Nationals, and she was a great instructor!


As normal, we started grooming and tacked up, though sady, Livvy wasn't there today so Izzy rode Jack (though I'm riding him next week!!)


We then went into the jumping paddock and started going around a built dressage arena. We did serpentines with 3 loops and then did a few with 5 serpentines in trot. Wile this was happening, 2 of us would be doing the serpentine and one of us would we cantering on the outside. Winnie yesterday, was quite calm and his canter transitions were much softer if I had contact in both reins. (Oh, forgot to say, we rode in bridles!!)


After the lesson, we went back and untamed, riding the ponies down the field bareback. Then walked back up, chattering and laughing!!


Fab day again xD no wind, no rain, no snow no really hot weather! Perfect!


Today at our lesson

Today at riding, we again, once again,had great time!!!


When i got there, we groomed and then tacked the ponies up. After, we went on a small hack- and had a lovely but quite bumpy canter. All the ponies (well 3 of us haha) were very calm. Then we went into the bi field and had a fab time. 3 of us, were cantering aroud the field until Winnie took off!! haha xD


Then, we kinda split up and went away from each other-but then Winnie bolted again to Jack!!! I heard Monica shouting "sit back!!"


I then got off and then untacked- taking only the saddle off. While Livvy and Izzy rode, i did some ground work with Winnie. Because he doesnt like puddles i went through a couple of puddles with him. He was a bit risky at first and then went through them fine :)


Then we let the ponies go and went back up beside the bridle way :D


Great fun again!! :D:clapping:


Hi, this Blog is all about my Riding and QS!!


I go riding every Sunday, usually 11:15am till 3:30pm. This is because i help out for 2hours with a kids party or riding course- which is great fun!! :clapping:


In our lessons, we do many kinds of riding- from dressage, to showjumping and/or a hack to general horsemanship that will make us better horseman. Riding isn't just about the Rosettes, or the medals, the shows and competitions; its about the way you move as one with the horse. Letting loose. Having a horse (or loaning/sharing) means mucking out its stalls, or field in every weather, going down to check every day, feeding them and not just using the horse for money. A horse has a heart too :)


People who ride in Bit's don't know how much they are really relying on them- people who see us ride in QS headcollars and ropes think we are nuts! But until you ride with a rope, you get to loosen up a whole load! I used to be like that, but now i'm always scared that i am going to hurt the horses mouth if i even pull the slightest bit ;)


We also ride in open spaces, not in tiny little arenas! Haha xD. Riding in open spaces is, well i think, better for you. We used to ride in a quite large arena, i always used to be scared to ride in a open space- but now... look at us!! Cantering with head collars and ropes along a massive field with horses/ponies all around us! Riding is great fun, if you don't ride- have a go!! :P


So..yeah..,hopefully i will be able to get these Blogs up every sunday or every time i ride, if not, remind me! Haha, okay bye! Oh and thanks for reading :D

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