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Had a great play with Kenny. Manged to put his halter on was I was kneeling beside him. He lowered that giraffe length neck and flexed around for me. He just stood there like a rock. I like him more today. Extra sugar lump in his feed :inlove:



I need to tell you! After a couple of very passenger walk lessons (Level 1) and a few very quiet trail rides today Kenny and I hit the adult riders trail ride with 10 other horses. I could not be happier with his behavior. I did the flight test and usual saddling procedure and hit the road.


He kept up with everyone, no jitters, happy to just be. When it came to a canter up a hill, I let him go. The ex race horse could have left them all for dead, but he pulled up easily and settled to a happy walk with the group.


On the home stretch he was busting to break out but I bent him round to stop a few times whilst the crowd took off and the he walked happily along with a couple of others. The last 100 meters we popped over a few logs at a trot. Superstar Kenny. Thanks to QS for our brilliant progress and some more to come. This horse bolted on me six months a go. Scared us both senseless. We will nail Level 1 one day.



Source: Success on the trail with Kenny


Second try


I have no photos to accompany this blog, as yet

I joined QS in March in Horsham with Mel and went off on my merry way to harness my knowledge. To no avail. I started riding Kenny in the conventional way, English lessons and adult riders. Kenny started behaving like a scared bunny and in the process scared me. That's when I thought, time to get back to QS to sort my self out and to help Kenny.

I travelled to Bealiba on the weekend and had two more lessons with Mel. I drove home with great enthusiasm. I realized I was just being too impatient with poor Kenny and I think I ruined him. But Mel showed me I can learn to teach Kenny to trust me so we can go out and have fun.

I look forward to documenting our process.


Meredith and Kenny


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