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I went out to Nero last night for the first time to play since Mels, lesson and the try and eagerness he gave me was phenomenal.

He didn't once turn his face from me, he looked to me for answers and the 'next job'. It is beginning to feel like we are starting to truly talk and understand, properly connecting. I cant believe this horse offers so much from so little, and yet I had never experienced it because I was always banging on to him about something.


I cant wait to see what we can do now that I 'get the picture' and am more aware of my body, energy and thoughts




I've never written a blog before but I thought I'd give it a go because I felt my story was worth sharing for those who may be going through, or about to go through the same thing as Nero and I are going through


All my life, although my horses 'loved' me I never truly knew - I thought I did - what it meant to have a connection with a horse, until Nero. And of course it was Quantum Savvy which opened my eyes to this new reality.


Nero and I had this amazing connection; he would hear my car come down the drive and he'd come and stand with his head through the fence to say hello and I'd walk into the paddock and he'd be the first and only one to come and see me. So many more little things, too many to mention but you get the idea.

So you can imagine my dismay when 'all of a sudden' he didnt want anything to do with me. He would walk away from me, turn his head when I went to pat him, would lift his head while grazing, look and then roll his head away: I can just imagine if he was a girl what this 'mean girl stare' would look like. And thats what it was, he was totally snobbing me.



It was like a knife to the heart.


But I knew there was a reason, it was something I had done.


So I went on a journey within myself and our relationship to find out what it was. And what a roller coaster of a ride.

Turns out that while I had grown with my skills since starting QS, I forgot to account for him growing with his skill as well.

In not accounting for this, I was 'shouting at him' which meant that I started losing rapport, and I lost it fast!!


Over the past week, I have had the biggest BFO's I've ever had. It got a bit tough there but pushing through to the other side was the best thing I could do.

Today I felt like it 'sealed the deal' with Nero and our rapport account. I learnt so much about him (and myself) and I feel like we are back on track with moving forward.


Its become not about how many blue ticks or assignments Ive submitted but about having and maintaining that relationship with my horse because if there's no relationship (rapport) then there's not connection and if there's no connection, there's no hope to become the best partnership you can be.


Tonight Nero wanted to hang around me again, for the first time in three weeks. I put his rug on and then he walked with me (his choice) while I went out gate. He continued to follow me down the fence line as far as he could, watching me the whole time.


It felt so good to have my boy back. It made think about those out there who don't know that this is an option, that they too could have a connection with their horse. And it made me sad for them to think that they dont get to experience this feeling. Everyone who has a horse should feel this way... totally elated and on top on the world every time they are with their horse, knowing their horse is trying or wanting to be with them.


Ill keep working hard at building up that rapport with Nero and focusing on my skills to make sure Im fair for him, it's a work in progress and a long journey that I'm sure will never end but thats the beauty of it, always learning, always growing.


I'll keep y'all posted on how we go.


Elise :)






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