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Our Quantum Savvy journey is so much more than learning horsemanship skills... if I allow my horse to push on my personal space, do I allow people in general to push my personal space. Oh Human Mind, we tried to deny the truth as I truly couldn't be this way. Thank you QS as not only am I learning to be a better horseman, I am also learning to be a better me


I had a lesson with Lorraine and it was truly the best by far. I have been slowly putting layers on Tagonal, though have felt like Tags and I were going backwards, not forwards. Tags and I have had some difference of opinions these last couple of weeks and I couldn't work out what I was doing to offend him so much. During my lesson, I had many a WOW moment, actually from start to finish was one big WOW. I have spent afew hours thinking about my lesson, all that Lorraine has shared with me over time. Even had a really good read over all the notes I had taken whilst at Mel's clinics. What was so different today, than I realised that it was me. Today I was a confident leader ( with Lorraines' help of course ), and what a difference it made for my beautiful boy Tagonal

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