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I am so amazed in only a few days I am able to rub Cheyene's face a little tonight,

and then all of a sudden he pulls away again, It has helped that Teena has not been here with him this week.

oh well back to the drawing so to speak, onward we go tomorrow with it again.


Starting Again.

well maybe this time I can get out of L1, I have got myself a 15 year old appaloosa, that I had a fantastic time with yesterday as we started going through our lesson cards, well no horse is perfect I know, but this may take some getting over. I knew Cheyene was hard to catch, but with some advice and instruction from Sharon we have got around that but this next hurdle may take me a bit longer, he doesn't like his head touched, rubbed in any way you can put a halter on him just don't touch his face.

So after we had a few goes of approach and retreat on his face, it's now time for some fun, we did a game of ride the rail in walk then we trotted this is fun but now for a first for us we cantered, it was fantastic.


First Ride

Yesterday I had my first ride on Oscar, wow was it different to riding Teena, he is so althetic and soft

first we had a nice walk around the round yard then a nice little trot, he is so smooth my butt didn't leave the seat.

wow we are going to have such fun together doing our home work card and assignments

I love this big softy and he loves his cuddles too.

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