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new to all things qs



So I've just started qs and so far so good I am actually seeing result and a change in my horse which is awesome! A few weeks ago for some unknown reason my horse decided that he didn't like the float anymore. It was the strangest thing one minute I loaded him one to go to a team penning event, the next day it was a no go. So I have been watching shames videos and reading other peoples stories that have had problems.with float loading and so far so good the only thing is that he is about half way in and the four phases are no longer getting him to think forward but waving the sting behind him in a cracking like fashion seems to be getting him to think forward, but thankfully each day he is.further in the trailer and I always end on a positive!


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Welcome CaseyClarke :)

I to am fairly new to QS. I will enjoy reading about your journey.

I'm not too sure about the float loading, maybe as you have changed the way you have asked for him to go on the float, shows that he truely isn't as confident in himself in that situation ??

My mare was ok at floating before QS (she had this go halfway then back up three times before she would go on the float thing lol), I found that she wasn't actually confident in herself when I said you go on, while I stay on the ramo :)

I saw to keep going through your phases and then repeat back at stage one again. If he wants to back up, let him but make it a little uncomfortable (putting some pressure on with phases) and then when he steps forward to release. ??

Good luck :)

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Hi Casey


Welcome to QS. If you need help and support with anything a great way is to put your questions on student support. I also had lots of trouble loading my horse. I am happy to say that I can now load him on the end of a 22 ft rope. I found and still do find the student support a great help. There are lots of ways to prepare your horse for the float. I'm sure other students will only be to happy to help.

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Hi Casey!!!!!! Sooo glad to see you on here! Great idea to start a blog, this will showcase your journey, thoughts, issues and probs and also all those amazing successes your going to have!!!

I would love a dollar for every time someone has put a post on here about float loading, lol! I love matey,s recent one, FLOAT LOADING ISNT REALLY ABOUT THE FLOAT, and her story about helping someone through it.

You and Detroit will be heading all over the country side soon Casey, just keep ticking of those little boxes and you,ll get there. You definatley have the determination and you already have some great skills, so just keep building on those!

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