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Highs and lows



Today I headed to do some qs stuff with Detroit, and I have noticed that he no longer walks away from me when I approach him which I am thrilled about! as I used to drive up to the stables and he would instantly rack off down to the other end of the paddock and I would have to walk down there to retrieve him.

But noticed something funny when I got the halter and stick out of the shed and went to get him from his stall he turned away from me and stood at the gate as if to say "I don't want you to come catch me and play today" so instead of just walking on in there and catching him I sat down in one corner of his stall and waited for him to come over to me and ask me to catch him and he eventually did!


Ive been doing a lot of advance and retreat on his ears as this is a major sensitive area for him, but can now successfully put my hands between his ears without him pulling away.


My off side short range yield didn't go as successfully today as I was asking him to step over poles as he was going around just to keep it interesting. But with a bit of persistence and reward we got through it and came out more confident at the other end.


But on a more positive note I asked him to side pass over an L shape on poles on the ground and he managed that very well only using a phase one the whole way to complete the task, was so proud. :)


But by the end of our play time Detroit was licking me so ill take that as a good sign.


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