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2nd Ride with Blue



Yesterday just went so.. Perfect? It was a lovely day, birds were singing, sun was shining, horses were happy.


Myself and Izzy arrived and Anita had told us to start walking to the Horses field while Megan -who rode again, yay!- and Livvy groomed Jack and Tango at the top where the ponies were. Me and Izzy eventually got to the horses field and took our head collars, smiling very brightly in the mean time. We both walked across the field and caught Blue and Logic, and it was nice to receive a 'Pony Hug'.

We walked Blue and Logic to the posts and started grooming, already Blue was molting! I love Blue's coat, it's because it's very very soft and my favourite horse coat colour!! After hanging out with them for a bit, we tacked them up and Woah it was hard to mount without help haha xD

With the Help of Monica giving us both a leg up, we soon saw Livvy and Megan who were both mounted on Jack and Tango coming towards us. We walked Blue and Logic out and then said hi and talked about what we thought might happen today. Then, we slowly made our way to the field opposite the Ponies one and rode in. Monica put a cone in the middle and we had to walk around it altogether in a steady pace. Blue and Logic in the mean time were doing great!!! :D After we got used to the feel for our new Rides - well for me, Izzy and Megan- we had a trot one by one. Still going around the cone with a huge circle. Blue really didn't need much more then the slightest feel with your boot and he went into a steady trot! :) We had to trot, turn into the cone and hind quarter yield (?) them using our indirect rein (?). Blue was fantastic and so were the others. We then, all 4 of us, walked around the field together once and then when we came back to the cone, offered them a drink. Logic and Lue had a drink while Livvy and Megan went off to the other side and had a very fast canter together! Monica explained to me and Izzy that she wanted to take it easy today and we oth understood why :). When Livvy and Megs came back, we went back around the cone and did some all together trot! It was great and all our rides were doing a fantastic job!

After that, we all took turns to do some different figures around that area (figure of eight, circles, serpentines Ect.) which was basically follow the leader. Blue was amazingly amazing :) at the end, Iivvy went off and had a VERY VERY fast canter to us because she was the only one who was on a pony she was used to. It all slowly came to an end and we made plans about the summer! We walked out the gate, and Megan and Livvy went back up the bridle way back to the ponies area up at the top, while Monica came with Izzy and I back to the horses field. We untacked and let Logic and Blue go who both immediately rolled-!


Yesterday was absolutely great and Monica had even said it had worked better then she had thought it would! Thank you Blue and Logic for being great great boys, and Well done to Tango and Jack who also did very well :D

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