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growing within ourselves...




I am nearly speechless from the growth I have had over the last few weeks. It is hard for me to describe but it feels like my bubble has gotten larger, clearer, I feel lighter in myself and looking at things in a different way.


I think it was all kicked of by some fantastic feedback from my coach via VOV. Mel Peacock hit the nail on the head with some comments and really got me licking and chewing on it. This opened me up and things began to change. Each time I rode Music, something was different- she tried that little bit more, gave me a little more in impulsion, responded on a lighter phase, my energy was beginning to feel like my own and I was taking charge of how to use it and the biggest thing.... Music had a lick and chew when she was doing a walk sideways. Now I don't think I have seen my girl ever lick and chew in movement- this should have been a sign long ago, however I get it now. She wasn't getting the release in movement, she didn't have comfort until we stopped. Now this had me thinking!


Music has just finished 4 days with Mel at horse training, followed by a last minute decision to join in a full day of Level 3 riding clinic and then a lesson with Mel and today, assignment feedback and filming of another assignment. She will be very happy to hear she is getting 4 days rest before a fun filled morning at the WBPD this Sunday).

My head is full of thoughts, tahdahs, exciting information that I can now truly understand. My body feels like it is listening more and I have been able to feel more control over my phases- go up but to also come back to being light.


The thing that has me totally in awe of the programme and Mel's well earnt skill- I see Music in a new light and I think she is seeing me clearer too.

After the last week of hard work, she is still interested in me. I called out to her and she walked at least 2 1/2 acres to come to me and she stayed all the way, even when she saw the halter and lead (she usually stops and or turns away when she sees the halter). She looked interested and willing to go out in the float to have another session. This blew me away, this is coming from the mare that blocked the world out and stared blankly at you, the mare that would turn her bum on you when you approached, the mare that had no connection at all with anything around her. Over the last 3 days, I have seen her lick and chew in movement (once in trot!), stay with me in the present, look interested in her surroundings without being fearful, been in very close contact with horses either side of us and not even put an ear back (not one squeal! she may not have the nickname 'Music the magic dragon' anymore lol) and the big thing...... her face looks softer. She is letting me cuddle her a little and will soften and relax when I give her a little scratch.


I feel like all the pieces are fitting together!

so proud of were we have come from and where we are heading, it is so exciting to see what we can achieve 12 months from here :)


PS- We recieved a blue tick on a live assessment yesterday, so we only have 2 more assignments to get our level 2 grad!


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Jen this is a beautiful blog! Well done, just makes it all worth it doesn't it... im very very happy for you both!

I was wondering I could share your story on the QS Outback page? Ill just cut and paste it.

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Fantastic Jen!


Thank you for sharing this! It really is an awesome programme, isn't it?


Here's to your Blue String!


Warm regards from Surrey, England,


Monica :)

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This is so awesome Jenn, it must feel great to begin to finally get to know the real Music!! Imagine what she'd be saying now if you could talk to her!

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yes for sure Jill :) I happy for you to share.


Hey Elise- maybe I will get another session booked and see if there is a difference :)


The programme really covers everything, the tools you learn can be used in everyday life as well- not just relating to horses or horsemanship, it is a whole life changing programme

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