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one rein riding



Well it has been a daunting thing for me to ride with one rein. But I thought its in the program I'll do it. Ill give it a whirl. I have done 7days of passenger at walk by myself and I must say by the 3rd day I was getting a bit board. Which speaks volumes because if I was getting board it means that I am no longer worried about doing this activity. I am now working on riding around 2 cones with one rein at the walk. So to keep my focus, you know what I did. I turned it into a game. A game of body check. I found that when I was doing this activity my body slumped. I more or less stopped being a rider and was just a heavy object on the back of my horse. So I talked to my self. Where are you looking?Was I looking at to where I wanted to go. where are my shoulder? Are they in line of the direction of going. Oh Im getting a sore back! What is my pelvis doing? tilting forward, so tilt it back.No more sore back.How light can I make my body? I imagined I had a hook on the top of my head and it was getting pulled up. You know there was so much to think about and adjust that each 10mins flew past. When I rested for 3 mins I needed it also. Sitting correctly is hard work.