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Getting Started




Just before christmas I decided to throw up three assignments to see how Khmari and I were going and low and behold we passed all three.

After doing the summer lessons with Gulliver and learning more about horses and what it takes to keep them sound and how they should be started. Khmari has had issues all along and he would be about 10 or 11 years old now so riding him wouldn't be fair. He is always around when I am playing with Gulliver and even comes into the arena with us. So I though that I would just do the ground work with him and that way he will be connected with me and Gulliver and can come on our journey with us. I think this is the best way I can give him a worth while life with people as I was going to keep him anyway as Gulliver's paddock mate anyway.

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CONGRATULATIONS Jane on pass your three assignments.YEH!


The thing with ageing horse and humans for that matter it is always best to keep them moving. The old saying is move it or lose it

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