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Level 2 with Bailey - July



How does another month slip past so quickly :o


What did we accomplish in June: ~ 2 play days which included braving the cold &

- working on the longer lines with the 22' around the neck

- a trail walk in hand away from and out of sight of the other horses with no calling out by me or Bailey ^_^

- riding and finding the centre on a very stiff horse and working on transitions from my seat on the circle and the rail; simple leads helped him to soften and our session finished with a softer horse and less leaning in :thumbsup:

- riding at home and discovering there are horse eating gremlins down the back of our paddocks :huh: so filmed A8 without fence and hence no straight lines (nor focus perhaps <_< )


Thank goodness for lessons with Mel to finish off the month :clap:

- L3 ground improving our connection, our backups and our sends- out and around at a longer distance with rope around neck

Really pleased with his ability to take the offer of a narrow jump :clapping:

- L2 ridden working on the correct diagonals (still my problem :whistling: ) and working these up into the correct canter leads on the circle before taking it out onto the rail and straight lines - Bailey was however much softer and not fussed at being by himself with me - maybe our confidence in each other is changing :yinyang:

also looked at the soft feel, rebounds and box homework - perhaps time to submit A10 ;)


Reflecting on our 90 day plan - a bit slow on the progress, but still helping to move forward and find some good things coming along, plus the sticking bits to work on -_-

not to mention the joys of winter and unrugged pony :P


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