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felt like spring



Dear diary,

I have felt more up lifted in the last 2 week as the weather has felt like spring is in the air. Cold starts but by mid morning the sun has a bit of warmth with low winds. 1 more month of winter to go. August is usually the worst for me as the winds are higher, colder and more rain. But so far so good.


Ive had a slump of motivation but slowly it has been regained. I have been practising bits and pieces of activities but still not ready to hand in any assignments as yet. I have been doing short range circles while holding the stirrup and with the stick on the saddle then allowing Iggy to drift out to a larger circle while doing transitions then bring him back with a spiral. Then sending out by backing and getting the step over with correct leading leg. Then in the saddle I have done follow the rail on a loose wind in the reins walk and trot for 10 minuets intervals. Poor Iggy has been in a lather of sweet by the end. I think he is a tad unfit. Just like his owner.


Im in no hurry to hand in any assignments as there is so much to consider bio mechanically and refine.


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