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So much try!



I wanted to write something here so I remember how much try Perl gave me tonight!


I was playing with the ranch rope and tried our first jumps bigger than the sideways barrels. I made a jump out of crossing 2 poles between the upright barrels. I started with the barrels spaced far apart and moved them together so the jump ended up quite big. Perl did so well and followed my direction so well she trotted beautifully in and out of the jumps even when they got quite big (probs 3/4 the upright barrel). It looked like she was really enjoying the challenging jumps.


Then as a warm down I decided to put a pole on the ground in between the upright barrels and asked perl to circle me and walk over the pole. As she approached the pole I was focusing on flicking the rope up so it would go over the barrel, so accidentally my energy got really high. As Perl walked towards the pole on the ground she kept looking at me to see what I was asking, then she did a big jump over the pole (definitely bigger than her usual 2') and walked out the other side. Later I tried it again asking intentionally and she did another beautiful jump over the pole. Then I circled her again keeping my energy low and she just walked over the pole.


I am so so so blown away by the try Perl gave me tonight! She jumped a large jump that wasnt even there all because I asked her to with my energy... :D:D


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