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2017 Achievements



I started this year with Level 1 behind me and my goals were to progress in level 2 and feel confident to canter Gulliver in a circle.  I am proud to report that I have finished the easier half of the assignments in level 2.  I can also canter Gulliver and have learnt thanks to Mel's Impulsion Clinic how to ride up into the canter and get my direct rein lighter.  I have a great connection with my big boy who always gives me his best try.  Thanks to the Great support of Fiona and all the wonderful Quantum Savvy family both in our play groups and online we are achieving more than I every felt possible.  I now never feel nervous when heading out to practice my homework and know that Gulliver has my back if I make a mistake.  Now to plan for the future.  I have a huge journey ahead of me as we head into more challenging assignments.  This journey involves my own physical journey in managing my Fibromialgia and Achillies Tendonopathy.  Lots of stretching and getting the weight off so that I can stay in the saddle long enough to get through the programs needed to move forward.  I am not expecting fast progress but I do promise to always practice the Quantum Savvy principles when ever I am with my horses.  I know I will finish level 2 some day but not in 2018 as bareback on a wide back horse may sound comfy but the reality is that sitting with legs so wide does make it far more difficult to balance.  I dream of being able to one day but one step at a time.  Also will need a QS saddle at some stage and I am putting things in place to be able to afford it in about 2 years.  Mostly I just want to be a ROPE champion to my horse and enjoy the journey.



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AAAAHHHHHHHH! What wonderful news! ROPE champion, now thats a goal and a half! Im a bit teary actually Jane...

Thank you so much for sharing your journey, goals and personal story. You are an inspiration, how lucky is Gulliver to have you in his life, he is gorgeous btw!

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I think you will need to update this thread Jane - someone has ordered a saddle for Christmas! 

It has really been a pleasure in watching you an Gully this last year.  You are a ROPE champion - you listen to your horse, you take on board the feedback, you continue to learn and grow, and you always help him find the good deal!  

Your bareback will come sooner rather than later - 12 months ago you felt you couldn't canter him, and look how far you have come since then - no stopping that canter now!  The key is preparation and you are doing that by ticking off those cards.  Can not wait for that day I see you cantering around bareback!

Set your goals for 2018 and keep ticking those boxes - your amazing!


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