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Trying some riding yesterday - 23/03/2018



Yesterdays play with Darcy went really well. I went through the mounting procedure HiM style and Darcy went really well and was ok with trot at a longer range and over the barrels. 

When I got on, I ran through our rein positions for a while and focused on having them nice and flowing. At one point when I was asking Darcy to back with one rein it felt like he had picked himself up and his back rose, but I'm not sure as I haven't felt it before, I released on it regardless because it was a nice backup too ^_^. It'll be something to keep a feel for and make sure I release on.

Then I asked Darcy out on some walk circles and whenever I felt him straighten I asked him laterally and then forward again nice he softened. To mix it up on some of the laterals we would finish and others we would go forward to. After about 10 - 15 minutes Darcy was really light on the reins and I could just lift the inside one a little bit and shift my weight a bit and Darcy would respond with lateral drift. I left it on a good try and hopefully we can progress on it today :D 



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