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Keep Calm - 24/03/2018



Today I went out and gave Darcy a little clean up because he had been rolling in the mud! Once he was looking handsome again I did some of the short range HiM to warm up and then went through the saddling procedure. 

I asked Darcy through the different rein positions and paid extra attention on making sure he didn't step forward or finish with his weight forward after the forequarter yields. They were looking really good and I could feel him using and raising him back a little, so we did some circles focusing on Darcy maintaining lateral softness. Darcy gave me some great tries (including a bit of vertical flex in the pinch test back up) and I could feel him softening a little more when I asked for the lateral drift.

Darcy got a bit spooked when the neighbours dogs were chasing the kangaroos, but I was able to help him through it by focusing on the circle and asking him to keep laterally soft. I finished when he was calm, thinking and laterally soft. I'm proud of our progress so far in just a week :wub:





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