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What we've been up to - 14/05/2018



I haven't posted in over a month (whoops). Darcy and I have been super busy though.

He pulled up lame and after 2 vet visits and some x-rays was diagnosed as being calcium deficient. He is now being treated for that, and as part of it he has to have time off from anything major. All we are allowed to do is small amounts of walk groundwork (which we can be quite creative with). So we have ben doing tons of HiM, and have been practicing short range, long range and liberty all at a walk.

I have submitted some short range assignments and my second one is awaiting feedback now. I have just been doing it at a walk with focus of Darcy's lateral drift, self carriage and softness throughout. 

I hope to film the long range and liberty soon just at a walk as they are coming along nicely. Darcy is quite happy with COD's and spirals HiM style, but the lateral drift at long range still needs some work from both of us. Our liberty however is going amazingly! Darcy has made the choice to stay with me and for the past week of doing Liberty nearly every afternoon he hasn't left me once. It feels so great and I can tell how much he wants to connect because after our sessions he walks beside me for a while. Yesterday we were at the Noosa Hinterland practice day and the whole time we just worked with the neck rope, then we did some liberty in the huge grass area of the grounds. He didn't leave me even though there was lots of grass and the draw of other horses, although our circles ended up getting pretty large at times! :D 

I can't wait to see where Darcy's next month of walk restrictions takes us as its really getting me to fine-tune myself and my communication with him. Sometimes I think about sending Darcy on a circle and he will start doing it, so I have to be careful about what I consider asking Darcy to do because its like he can read my mind! He happily goes sideways, forward and backwards now with just my intent and body life. :wub:



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