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So close to a purple tick for short range HiM



I just got feedback from Meredith today on Darcy and I's first trot attempt of the short range HiM, and its so close now. We just have to improve on the flow, Darcy's self carriage and my rope skills (no using the rope for forward).

This was filmed about a week and a half ago, but now its looking about a million times better. Darcy is offering amazing self carriage (his back is close to being as flat as a table), I'm not lifting my rope hand for the offer for trot (Darcy's just going off of my energy and intent) and the general flow is much nicer. We just have to improve in on a smaller circle with the stick on Darcy's back, because I feel like the stick is blocking the raising of Darcy's back, which essentially stops the drive forwards into the trot. I will have experiment with this one a little more.

Here are some screenshots and a quick video of how we are looking now :) 







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4 hours ago, rebecca_s said:

Luna you are inspiring, I love watching you and Darcy! I wish my HiM was half as good a yours. 

Thank you. :D I'm sure your's will get there too with lots of practice and time :) 

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