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2018 part 1

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Unfortunately not much to report.  One exciting aspect is that I have ordered Gulliver a QS saddle on the 2nd January.  In the mean time we have just been practicing on the ground.  I know my saddle should be here soon I am hoping before the end of July.  He just seemed to grow out of his other saddle so I have hardly ridden in the past 6 months.  Look out next 6 months because I am having severe withdrawls.  Poor Gully has also lost all his herd in the past couple of weeks.  The only two horses that he has known since he was twelve months old had to be put down and we had to build up his family again.  So now he has Buddy the Clydie and Henry the pony adjusting here indefinitely and Maya has bought herself her first horse Murphy who will live here now and will start QS with her.  So you could say that Gully has had a bit of an interesting start to the year.  In spite of that I was so proud of how hard he tried for me in QSports and we came away with a First in the Level 2 Challenge and a Second in our Liberty.  We also gave some level 3 events a go.  That was a great experience.

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