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Today - 20/07/2018



Hi everybody,

Darcy and I reattempted the Long Range HiM the other day. Today we got feedback saying we were super close and I just need to give Darcy some more room in the COD's to allow him to maintain his trot and then we will be ready for that Purple Tick. Hopefully we can get out this weekend and film our long range and our liberty, and maybe pass them both too. 

Today I went out with a goal to practice and improve some of the elements from both assignments and when I first went down Darcy was laying down so I sat with him for about 5 minutes and gave him some carrots and pats which he appreciated. Then we did some transitions and COD's with the neck rope and managed to get some awesome transitions with just body life and a few COD's at a trot. Then we went to liberty and Darcy took my offers on short range circles, transitions, COD's and barrel jumps - it was really nice! :wub:  Darcy even went over the barrels from a stop, at a walk and at a trot with the barrels away from the fence (so he could have gone around them if he wanted to, and he did once, but after he didn't find release on that but on a jump instead he kept taking my offers over the jump). He often tries to go around them - even online - but I think he truly found the release today.








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