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Back at it



Hi everyone. 

So I've made yet another blog! I want to keep my Level 2 stuff and HiM stuff seperate blogging wise. Darcy and I currently have 4 assignments to go until we finish our Level 2! The bareback, simple leads, non-contact and contact riding leads (so all riding). My goal is for us to complete our Level 2 by the end of the year, in time for the Level 3 QSE camp we will be attending with Shane and Meredith in Woolooga next year (so excited).

Darcy and I had a bit of a break from our Level 2 while Darcy was recovering from his lameness, now we are coming back into it and we have our rocket boosters on. We have been out riding each day, and although we are quite scratchy from the time off riding, each day we are improving greatly. The goal is to film our bareback and simple leads assignments by or during the next play day in August.

Just today we ran through most of the impulsion homework card and our transitions are looking awesome, our turns are slowly getting better, our rebounds are pretty solid, Darcy has found release on the circle and at the centre cone, our rein positions and pinch test are amazeballs (all yields at the pinch test, plus lateral flex and sometimes direct reins without touching the reins!) and our ridden spirals and simple lead changes are getting better each time. 

The best thing of all, is because Darcy has learnt how to carry himself properly (and I have learnt how to ask him to), we were trotting along on the southern cross circle today with Darcy's head down - like long and low, engaging his back and being super relaxed kind of down. Anyone that knows Darcy will understand how big of an achievement this is for us, because he used to run around braced and counter flexed with his head straight up in the air; not to mention how bumpy this made his trot!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to updating you all soon with our progress. :) 


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