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Murphy Meets Fly Mask



On Monday Murphy met her fly mask. She quickly decided it was not for her, after showing it to her and all was good I went to put it over her ears she quickly jumped back and it got stuck on one of her ears this freaked her out and she started to forequarter yielding so quickly her rope went air borne about a meter off the ground swinging around and whipping me in the leg, she continued this for a few more seconds before stopping, which we find a little amusing now. Murphy and I had been going well up until recently where I have felt that our connection has been fading a bit.  


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Hi Maya, great to see you on the forum. 

Dont be too hard on yourself, remember you are still getting to know each other and learning to communicate together. Give her time to adjust to her new home and I am sure your consistency, patience and homework will help her trust and build a great relationship together. 

Have fun and I am so looking forward to seeing you blossom together  


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Hi Maya,

Use your fly mask as one of those seven objects on your no yield tick boxes in your homework cards. That will help her out also as it becomes a less unfamiliar object. And as Fiona mentioned consistency and patience will be the key. :thumbsup:

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