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Canter Canter here we come

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I have been starting to get back into riding and we went back and had a go at some level 1 programs that I thinks needed revisiting again.  From here I have had progress in my direct reins and have been getting comfortable in the saddle and moving so much more in trying to communicate with him better.  Yesterday I found myself thinking that we were ready to try the canter again.  All my ducks were lined up and away we went.  He was really trying and one way we got some nice transitions and even half a circle before stopping.  The other side he tried and tried for me but we kept getting the opposite lead.  I stopped because I wasn't at all convinced that it was him.  90% sure it was me so we finished up with the good work that we had done and I was estatic that there was not even one moment of being emotional from him which is the first time ever.  Onward and upward from here

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