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Slow going but still keen

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Gulliver is being awesome.  I had a lesson with Meredith and have been practicing all the aspects that have come from that lesson.  I had a lot of pennies drop.  My slow progress has of course been time.  The thing I do love is that no matter how long in between Gulliver is always willing and has never forgotten anything.  I am still loving my saddle and have been doing a little trail riding, more for mental health as well as getting some klms for Maya's horse as a neighbor is helping me get her out as Maya is so busy.  It has been good for Gully too.  He is doing so well with mowers and traffic etc that we find on our travels.  The part of the program we are up to also requires a level of fitness I do not have at the moment.  I use to have one good foot but now my other Achillies is swollen I am in quite some pain after a short time so I will be just inching along as my body allows me to.  I love being a part of Quantum Savvy so I don't really care how long I take.  I just love the journey

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