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Have a change in goals

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Due to some personal health reasons I have found moving forward with Gulliver really challenging.  There are also many current stresses in my life which is putting a huge block on my progress.  For the health of me and my family my new goals are as follows.  I will be continuing with Gulliver very slowly with some of the ridden in level two and ground work HIM and Level 3 as much as my physical health lets me.  I am also taking over Murphy as Maya will be pulling out of QS for a while for health reasons.  She needs time and so that Murphy does not get forgotten I will be putting her through level one just to make sure she is a safe mount for Maya.  Maya will then be able to enjoy her horse while she regains he health.  I am sure Maya will rejoin in the future should she wish to persue her horsemanship.  Writing this down helps me to keep focused.  My real passion is helping horses and by taking Murphy through level 1 I can test out what Gulliver has taught me and hopefully help Murphy much more smoothly.  We had our first play today and I felt we made some great progress.  Gully had his day yesterday at our play day.

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