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Background Information

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My daughter Maya bought Murphy to start her horsemanship journey.  Due to health issues she is not making much progress and Murphy needs to keep going so I have taken over.

Murphy has had one previous owner who had her started at 7years old then unfortunately had a non horse related accident breaking her back and was unable to progress with Murphy.  She was devastated as they have know Murphy since birth.  She was started by Ken Faulkner and had only been played with and ridden bareback at the walk since being started.  She was then 9 and the owner did not want her to go to waste but did not want to go just anywhere.  She put a low price on Murphy but would only let her go to a horsemanship home.  We were the first people allowed to see Murphy and that was thanks to being QS students.  Murphy let me catch her which apparently she does not do easily.  After assessing her I was pretty sure that we could help her.  She had an issue with her ear which is believed caused by a family member ear twitching her to saddle her. (Not for sure but believed this to be).  She also did not like the saddle and had an odd response to being girthed but neither seemed to problematic.  She also invaded space when scared which was also easily helped.  Maya has completed 3 assignments so our journey starts from here.

We have managed to get a saddle for Murphy made by Peter Vellacott so we are pretty sure any problem will not be the saddle.

Murphy has been going on rides out with our neighbor and me and Gulliver and is going really nicely on these short rides.  

I had my first play today where I ran through the homework cards from the start and worked through any bits we found along the way that needed some more practice.  We got through and included up to Saddling and Float loading.  We made some great progress with her personal space and her emotional fitness in tight spaces and over barrels as well at reducing stress in relation to ropes over her head and her ear.  Tomorrow we will touch on these rusty bits and hopefully progress to ridden homework too.  She has been stuck in the first part of level one for nearly a year so I am trying to mix it up a bit to keep her curiosity and enthusiasm.  This certainly is so much more fun the second time round.  I am going to have two awesome horses.

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