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Dream Big

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A Brief History - To Date



Looking For A Good Boy Horse - a few years ago I needed to find a horse to regain my confidence and Big as you all know him, had been offered to me. I had seen him several times over the years as he was spelled at our other property. I was offered him on lease and his description seemed perfect. Quite, could walk, trot and canter, no buck and no impulsion - PERFECT I WILL TAKE HIM.

I had Big restarted by Shane, though he never raced - he was trialed and had learnt to use his size to push on humans. Oh did I mention he was young and green and was fond of tantrums.

Big has also had some training with Mel to help us in our journey to date.

Big is a good boy horse and I will go into detail in future blogs of our journey and how my own emotional fitness and leadership has been stretched.   






Recommended Comments

Hey Tracey , I absolute love a good story  I'm  shaw its going to be "Big", that fellow of yours blows me away I can image the stretch getting on the big fellow. Looking forward to the rest of the story.

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