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This event repeats every day for 3 occurrences

Feel and timing can be tricky to learn (and to teach) because you have to experience it to learn it. 
But...how do you know when you have got it?
By setting up situations where, to get a task done, you have to use your feel and timing, you can start to develop it. Let Mel help you discover another level of communication with your horse through your feel using tasks from the Quantum Savvy Programme. 
Starting with just your hands, discover how to transfer that same feel through your communication with your lead rope and ultimately through your seat and reins when in the saddle.
This Quantum Weekend consists of two group of up to 5 people doing a 3 hr Lesson each day.
Click the button below to get in touch with Mel for more information.
Click here to find out more
QS Student Price – $500 (Due 13th Sept 2019)
Full Price – $600
*Secure your position in this event with a non refundable deposit of $200 before the 16th Aug and receive a 5% discount on your ticket.


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This event repeats every day until 10/05/2019

Does your horse get spooky when you take him somewhere new?
Do you feel uncomfortable about using gadgets to control your horse?
Do you want to be the best you can be for your horse?
Life is not fun when your partnership with your horse is not consistent or there are ‘conditions’ to what you do together.
Join us in these Safe Partnership Ground Skills 1/2 Day Workshops where we will focus on developing confidence in your horse to help him become the brave, dependable horse that you have always wanted.
Start a whole new level of communication on the ground that you can transfer into your riding work. Improve on your horses forward and develop softer, calmer transitions so that you can step off on the right foot when you hop up on board.
Discover why your horse can be inconsistent in his work and learn the three key ingredients that you can take in your everyday handling on the ground, that will build your horses trust in you and confidence in themselves.
This event is the first of a 2 part series of Safe Partnership Workshops and includes 2 x 1/2 Day group Lessons of up to 5 people.
*Group sizes are limited so you get all the support you need with your horse.
Would you like to know more?
Click the button below to get in touch with Mel:
Click here to find out more
QS Student Price – $250 (Due 4th Oct 2019)
Full Price – $300 *Secure your position in this event with a non refundable deposit of $125 before the 20th Sept and receive a 5% discount on your ticket.

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QSports was designed to showcase the horsemanship, communication and relationship between horse and human. A progressive sport that not only highlights the skill of the rider and the connection between horse and human, it also augments the abilities of both as the competition progresses.

QSports pattern is based around the QS Southern Cross pattern and there are groundwork classes, as well as liberty and ridden classes. There is also an open freestyle event where competitors can create a unique and fun routine.

All QS members are welcome to nominate, and spectators are encouraged to come along and support the students.

Lunchtime demonstration from QS Profs and a campfire presentation dinner for trophies and ribbons make for a fantastic weekend.

Contact your group organiser for more details, or contact Fiona Prescott on 0405 484 232 or via messenger.

Nomination forms will be posted below shortly. Visit the QSports facebook page for more information.

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INSTRUCTOR TRAINING Sept 25th & 26th 2019

Is your dream to work with people and their horses and to help them fulfill their life long dreams? With the ever increasing demand for Quantum Savvy worldwide, we need more instructors and we need them today. If you would like to be a part of this amazing family of QS Professionals and have the full coaching and support of the QS Team behind you, please do get in touch with the QS Office today.

Instructor Training is for QS students wanting to take the step toward becoming a Professional QS Team member.
Applicants must be minimum Level 2 graduate and current Group Organiser.
Full information available from QS Head Office, the QS website or your local QS Agent, or PM us here.


Advanced instructor training for QS Endorsed, Senior and Premier Instructors. This annual event ensures our senior team members are current in all aspects of the QS programme and are providing the most effective, empathetic training drawing from their vast experience, for all of their students.

Please contact the QS Office for full details.

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