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'How your horse should move' demo with Meredith

Ransley Events

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Join me this Friday night at Quantum Savvy Study Centre, Woolooga Qld for my demo / seminar with Charlie.  This month we look at 'How your horse SHOULD move and what to look out for'. 

There is a lot of confusion and mixed information about how our horses should move, what true forward is and how to achieve good self carriage and whole body movement with our horses.  During this demo we'll take a look at keeping it simple and becoming aware of what is actually going on when our horses move.  This demo is about good posture, self carriage and lateral softness, and how they effect your horse's whole body, their emotions and their health.

And all without the need for gadgets or force!

This is a free demo, so do join me and bring your friends.


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