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Summer Lessons with Meredith UK/Europe


Ransley Events

Event details

Big Exciting News'!

Meredith's Summer Lessons are back!

. Yep.....3 weeks of group lessons for all levels. Sadly due to the dreaded virus, this year it will all be online and not in person...but!....as we have already found, there are so many benefits to doing this. We'll get the chance to cover so much from the QS programme and together look at your lesson videos which was so helpful in the last online clinic I did. You can go back over them again and again, I can pause the videos and pinpoint exactly what I am referring to and we get to see so many videos...it really builds a tremendous learning experience.

So, if you'd like to spend the Summer with me and a very special group of people, check out the Lesson packages and dates below. It will be different and not the same as being together but it will still be so much fun. And fingers crossed I can come back to see you all again next year. I can't tell you just how much I will miss actually being with you all over the summer. This is a very special time for me each yer. 1f641.png

Please note, that the lessons are all group lesson of 2 - 6 people. And auditors are very welcome. Times are tough for everyone right now I know, so I have tried to keep the costs right down and QS Members will get an extra 10% off.  So overall a huge savings.

So take a look and PM me if you are keen. And please do spread the word. QS Members and non members most welcome.

All group lessons include:

4 x 3hr lessons

1 x lesson video submission for each day of your course

2 x assignments.

Plus all participants receive free auditor status for the entire summer lesson duration.

This is a very special offer and at only 470 GBP  or 527 Euro per course, a terrific price. (QS members deduct 10%).

July 15th to 18th

Level 1 Ground work - 8am to 11am UK time

Level 2 Online - 11.30am to 2.30pm UK time

July 20th to 23rd

Level 1 Ridden - 8am to 11am UK time

Level 2 Liberty - 11.30m to 2.3pam

July 25th to 28th

Harmony in Motion - 8am to 11am

Level 2 Impulsion - 11.30am to 2.30pm

July 30 to Aug 2nd

Building Rapport or L3 class ??? - 8am to 11am

Level 2 Contact Riding - 11.30am to 2.30pm

I hope you can join me where ever you are in the Nth Hemisphere.  It will be so lovely to be able to get you all together no matter which country you are in.


To book in pounds - £


To book in Euros -





Recommended Comments

Sorry for the typo re the costs folks....it should be 470GBP (sorry I don't have a pounds sign) which is I think Euro527. So this covers your 4 days of groups lessons, 4 videos and 2 assignments as well as auditing all of the remaining Summer Lesson Groups. Please let me know if these lesson subjects and times suit you all. If we can get on to this soon I can make alterations if needed. And for those of you working on Level 3, I can add in more L3 lessons if you like. Just say the word.

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I've had a few questions re how the events actually work. And what to expect. So.....the days will run something like this......

8am (UK) - we get together for a 30min (approx) Zoom chat. We'll talk about what the lesson will entail, why we do it and how to do it. The Zoom chat will include us watching a video I have pre-recorded with Charlie, showing how to do the task and what to look out for.

8.30am (UK) - you'll then get 45 mins to go and practise the tasks and in some cases film what you're doing.

9.15am (UK) - we get together again for another Zoom chat to discuss how you got on. We will also look at some of the videos that you've done so I can give you feedback and tips for improvement if needed. We'll also look at the video for the next task.

9.55am (UK) - once again you'll 45 mins to practise and those who didn't film in the first session will have the chance to film in this second session.

10.40am (UK) - we'll meet again for our next Zoom chat and discuss how we got on and again look at some more vidoes for feedback and advice. I'll give you some homework to do before our next lesson the following day, same time. We'll finish for the day at 11.10am.

The entire format will be repeated with the next group beginning at 11.30am (UK time).

Participants can then either choose to audit the next group or head out for some more practise and videoing. Or both!

Remember each participant can upload one video per day as well as 2 assignments per course during each course they do.

I will be finishing up at my end at around midnight each day and then the next morning while you are all asleep, I'll be finishing off any videos not previously done, as well as updating our group PM with advice and feedback for the group.

Every participant will have access to the VOV channel dedicated to the Summer Lessons, which means you will have literally dozens of videos VOVed by me that you can watch when ever and how often you like, which will give you a massive learning resource at your finger tips. Participants at my previous online clinic last month have commented on just how valuable and helpful this has been....and that was just 2 days. Imagine 3 ENTIRE WEEKS WORTH!!!

I hope this answers your questions? Please let me know if there is anything else you'd like to know.

M 1f642.png

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Hi everyone...I've had a few more questions re the Summer Lessons and what they entail. I hope this helps.

Yes! - you can access the Zoom chats on your phone, so if you are out with your horse during the lessons and can get phone reception, you'll be fine to join in the chats between practise sessions.

Yes! - these lessons are for anyone. If you are brand new to QS and want to get started or have recently started, the the Level 1 Ground work group is the ideal lesson to join in with.

No! - you don't have to be a current QS member to join in.

Yes! - we certainly can do payment plan options for QS members. With a payment plan, all you need to do is get your 25% deposit in and then you can pay the balance over 6 months.

Yes! - you can book online. We'll soon have an Eventbrite Booking link for you to book your courses. All you need to do is choose which course and book either for QS Members (with 10% off the course cost) or non-members. There is a lesson group for everyone.

Looking forward to seeing you all again this Summer and to living our dreams with our horses.

M 1f642.png

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IT'S OFFICIAL....WE HAVE A DATE CHANGE FOR SUMMER LESSONS WITH MEREDITH. Many thanks to those of you who have got back to us re this. In response to that, we have bumped the Summer Lessons back a few weeks to Aug 15th - Sept 2nd. All the same programme.
Meredith also has private lesson times available if you are wanting one-on-one time with her, either for 30mins or a full hour. Just message us for details and times.
Remember no matter where you are in Europe or the UK, you can log in and join in these lessons. So not only will you get the chance to study directly with Meredith, you'll get to spend time with other QS folk that you may not usually have the chance to.
Bookings are now open and we have groups for all levels, so book your spot today and let's spend the summer reaching your goals. with horses.
Contact the QS office for details or check out the events calendar on the QS or QSUK pages to book your spot.

QSports Buderim.jpg

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