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Horse Training Mastery Course


Ransley Events
IMMERSE YOURSELF IN HORSEMANSHIP - with a Horse Training Mastery Class with Shane Ransley.
NOVEMBER 1 to 11 2020 - QSSC Woolooga Qld
*with an off day on the 6th of November*
Nothing beats experience when it comes to mastery in any subject and Horse Training is no exception. If you want to truly understand horses, to communicate with them effectively, to know what to do, when and how to help them quickly and clearly....even instinctively....then the only way to do that is to expose yourself to as much experience as possible.
Imagine how much you would absorb in a class led by Shane, and that includes Meredith and a bunch of different horses and types for you to learn from....all at one place and time. It would take many, many years to garner that much knowledge and know-how.
Now is your chance!
From *1st to 11th of November 2020, Shane will be conducting his Horse Training Mastery Class at Quantum Savvy Study Centre in Woolooga Qld.
This is your chance to be a part of a very special group, studying Colt Starting, Foundation Training and Harmony in Motion, during this 10-day course.
You can bring horses to train yourself under Shane's expert guidance.
You can also attend as an auditor and soak up all this information and experience.
ATTEND WITH A HORSE - bring 1 - 3 horses with you to train with Shane's help and watch and learn from the other participants as they work with their horses.
COST: $2400, includes camping and horse yards
ATTEND WITHOUT A HORSE - join us for 1 to 10 days as an auditor and just soak up the entire experience. You will be included in all learning, Q&A and discussion sessions so it is far more than just fence sitting.
COST: $100 PER DAY, includes camping. Please note, you may choose how many days you attend from 1 to the full 10 however you must be there for day one and consecutive days afterward. Due to the nature of the course and the layering of training and development of the horse, you cannot join us later in the course.

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