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Contact Riding Virtual Clinic with Meredith Ransley


Ransley Events
2-day Contact and Collection Clinic - December 5th & 6th. (virtual event) with Meredith Ransley
This clinic is for all levels of rider, from Level 1 - Level 4, with a focus group for each Level over the weekend.
Meredith is super excited about this event which for the first time, brings together riders of all levels in the QS program to focus solely on Self Carriage and Collection.
Saturday morning the LEVEL 1 group will be focusing on introducing riding with two reins, sideways, backup and rebounds.
Saturday afternoon the LEVEL 2 group will be focusing on self carriage and feel, trot rebounds, advancing sideways, rider seat and position and isolating rein positions.
Sunday morning the LEVEL 3 group will be focusing on self carriage and collection in forward, simple and flying lead changes, counter canter and lateral softness.
Sunday afternoon the LEVEL 4 group will be focusing on advancing collection, both lateral and vertical, half-pass, elevated flying changes, piaffe, pirouette and more.
The unique format of this event means that we can focus on one subject through multiple levels of the QS program to give everyone a very in depth and thorough understanding of self carriage and collection as well as how each layer builds one on to the next and the importance of a solid foundation.
Plus!, being a virtual events, our riders will get to spend time with other QS members that they would not normally get the chance to.
Each rider will get a 3 hour group lesson of their own level over the weekend as well as auditing the other 3 lessons.
Each group will have 3 zoom chats with Meredith that include pre-recorded videos of upcoming tasks plus 2 practice sessions. Riders will video set tasks for group discussion and Voice over Video feedback by Meredith and also get the chance to submit one assignment for VOV.
All groups will be included in each of the zoom chats which will give even further depth to the subject.
And, being a virtual event the entire weekend will be recorded, giving all riders and auditors the chance to revisit, refresh and further learn indefinitely after the weekend is over.
So if you are READY TO RIDE and to have loads of fun with your horse and Meredith, get in touch with us today to book your spot.
RIDERS - one day only - $220
both days - $420
AUDITORS - one day only, $90 or $170 for both days.


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