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Get Ready To Ride weekend - Woolooga


Ransley Events
2-day Advanced Impulsion Clinic - 19th & 20th of December. With Meredith Ransley at Woolooga, Qld.
This clinic is for all levels of rider, from Level 1 - Level 4, with a focus group for each Level over the weekend.
Meredith is super excited about this event which brings together riders of all levels in the QS program to focus solely on advancing impulsion.
Saturday morning the LEVEL 1 group will be focusing on canter transitions, Ride the Trail and one rein turns and transitions.
Saturday afternoon the LEVEL 2 group will be focusing on the gallop pattern, jumping, flying and simple lead changes.
Sunday morning the LEVEL 3 group will be focusing on the barrel pattern, stick riding including jumping and bareback and bridle-less riding.
Sunday afternoon the LEVEL 4 group will be focusing on bareback and bridle-less jumping and cantering as well as gallop passenger lessons.
The unique format of this event means that we can focus on one subject through multiple levels of the QS program to give everyone a very in depth and thorough understanding of impulsion as well as how each layer builds one on to the next and the importance of a solid foundation.
Each rider will get a 3 hour group lesson of their own level over the weekend as well as auditing the other 3 lessons.
So if you are READY TO RIDE and to have loads of fun with your horse and Meredith, get in touch with us today to book your spot.
RIDERS - one day only - $220
both days - $420
AUDITORS - one day only, $90 or $170 for both days.

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