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  1. Today
  2. Well today was interesting. I had a feeling that Darcy hadn't been truly softening through the ribs because his head level was still above his wither at the end of the lateral drift. I went out with the goal to get a better try with his head lower and even after many attempts and trying lots of different positions, I wasn't getting any better tries. He was quite obviously trying to pick himself up and try for me, as I could see him flexing around me and his stomach tucking up and his back rising, and when I offered the release forward again I got an few offers of vertical flex for the first few steps. His head was at an acceptable height (only about 10-15cm in total above the level of his wither) and he seemed to be relaxed, so I'm beginning to think that his head level is ok as it is. As an Arabian he has a naturally high head carriage, so his head is pretty low considering. We did have some good progress with the lateral drift, especially on the right. His hind had been lagging going to the right and Darcy gave me a few tries of bringing his hind end under him in the lateral drift which I released forward on. I'll keep working on it and releasing with the tries I'm getting, and hopefully we will be ready to try a nice lateral drift at the trot soon.
  3. Hi Meredith. This is still definitely a work in progress and I want to have it checked over because I feel like something isn't quite right but I'm not sure what exactly!
  4. Yesterday
  5. L2 Imagination

    Had an attempt at this assignment in the gentle breeze here in Geelong today Mel...not very good, but we did it!
  6. Today Darcy and I went out to practice some of our HiM again. The short range with the halter on was going beautifully and Darcy was really trying in his upwards transitions to trot (which are looking considerably better than they did yesterday!). I switched the alerts for the ring rope around the neck and Darcy gave me some great tries with his flex and was feeling even better than yesterday. Then I asked him for some lateral drift at the trot and it all went a bit haywire. His hindquarter was lagging so I checked my position which didn't help, so I pushed some extra energy at his hindquarter and Darcy braced a little, then when I flicked my string a bit at his hindquarter to try to get his hind under him he lost it. He went really braced with his head up and was running through the rope, and he went totally right brained. I managed to disengage his hind and he stopped and looked a bit confused. Then I asked him out short range and did some no-yeild in motion with the stick and string and he went all right brained again. He calmed down after about a minute and I repeated on the other side. I finished on a good note with some nice walk circles with lateral flex. This was a first for Darcy to react like this to the trotting or lateral drift. I'm not sure if its because the halter has been hiding it or if Darcy has been containing it this whole time. I'm just glad that its out so we can work through it now. Looking back on it, I think I was trying to be 'more round' to try to help Darcy in the trot circles and was consequently pushing my hip at Darcy without intending to and basically asking him into lateral rift. but he would then hit the feel of the rope and basically phase himself. So when I asked for the drift it was too much for him.
  7. Yesterdays Progress

    Definitely. I'm more aware of it now, so I can usually stop myself, but sometimes I forget to not be a make monster!
  8. The World's Biggest Play Day

    Students across NSW will join the WBPD celebrations via distance... The thousands of kilometres between us or the drought aren't enough to keep us from celebrating our sense of community spirit and what QS means to us. We are looking forward to sharing photos and stories of our day with each other and the rest of the QS family. There are some great prizes that will be announced on Saturday evening once all the photos are in....
  9. The World's Biggest Play Day

    World's Biggest Play Day Horsley Hoofers Horsemanship Group, Horsley Surrey England Please join us for this Annual Event to celebrate our global family and what Quantum Savvy means to all of us and our horses. For further details, please contact Tracy Marshall on 07837022255 or Sarah Harding on 07703681381
  10. New payment option for members.

    Great thanks Shane. I to have used stripe for events and lessons and it’s great
  11. Yesterdays Progress

    Great discoveries Luna. We have all fallen victim to the "just one more time" trap! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Hi everyone.....well it's that time again. Time to plan your summer and choose your events for this year's visit with Shane and Meredith! Yippee! Full details will be listed shortly to the QS events page, but for now, here is a sneak peak of what is on offer and where. Please note that if you are booking for the Netherlands or Germany, please contact Carola. You can fill in one of these booking forms and get it back to her asap. If you are booking for anything in England please contact either Alexia or Carola. If you are booking for Scotland, please contact me (Meredith). It is going to be a super summer once again. Lots and lots happening both with our clinics, camps and social event. We'll have full details over the coming weeks. Oh and the English events will all be at our new centre in Thursley....which we are very excited about. Can't wait to see you in very soon. M p.s. if you're in England, be sure to drop in this week and see Shane who is currently training horses (in the snow!) in Thursley. QS European Summer Tour.pdf
  13. Just a thank you...

    Hey Simone, I am sure that you will be a good advocate and one for having the perfect saddle.... Saw your video up today, good job in progressing forward and good luck with your feedback.
  14. Yesterdays Progress

    Thanks Jen. I've discovered the little and often rule now. I'm keeping our sessions to half an hour and Darcy is much happier when we finish up now.
  15. Last week
  16. Today I went out with yesterdays successes and lessons learned in mind. Darcy and I had a play with some short range with the halter on to warm up and he was really offering the flex. We did some nice sends, stops and lateral drift, and our transitions up to a trot had improved. I made sure to reward all of his tries by stopping frequently. After 10 minutes I swapped Darcy’s halter for the 22” rope around his neck. We repeated the short range and he offered flex again really nicely. Then I sent him out on just over half of the rope and he struggled a bit with the flex but I helped him through it by making sure I was in the pocket and using my belly button to ask him for lateral drift and I got a few nice tries from him. I brought him back in short range and asked for a really nice flexed circles each way and finished with that. I was very happy with what we had done so Darcy got a big pat and some grazing time on the nice grass. Hopefully we can film at attempt of the short range this week and long range soon too
  17. Sharyn and Lady basic skills assignment for Mel peacock
  18. Sharyn and Lady basic skills assignment for Mel peacock
  19. Yesterdays Progress

    Great discovery Luna, yes the HiM program is hard work for them, physically and mentally . Little but often is a good rule I find I'll spend maybe 10 minutes in our warm ups running thru our HiM program. Its a great way to set up your sessions.
  20. Yesterdays Progress

    Yesterday I finished watching all of the HiM videos on my Level 2 modules. I decided to go out and practice some short and long range things from the videos. I made sure all of my ducks were lined up and Darcy gave me some awesome tries. After about half an hour or so, I wanted to finish up with just a few short range circles and then I found an escaping duck. Darcy had stopped offering flex going to the right and would only do it when I asked and stop as soon as I offered the release forward. I ended up spending way too much time trying to work through it and got Darcy a bit annoyed. Eventually we finished on a nice flex. Looking back on it now I shouldn't have even tried to finish off with some short range circles, I should have just finished with the good tries I was getting because Darcy was getting tired from all of the hard work. Lesson learned. After we wrapped up I assessed Darcy to see where he was sweating and he had some sweat along his back and some between his hindquarters, but none around his shoulders, yay! I must have been getting some form of flex from him, even though its hard to tell from the pocket. Another lesson learned that he was probably lightly flexed the whole time and I couldn't tell! I'm going to go over the same things again today but try to finish our session quickly before Darcy gets tired out.
  21. The World's Biggest Play Day

    The flyers are terrific. I'm looking forward to hosting Victoria's fun day
  22. New payment option for members.

    Thanks Shane. M
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