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  1. Yesterday
  2. Brumbygirls

    Brumby Connection Camp 2018

    Look who I had a visit with on the weekend. Boston and Calypso are both looking for their new families.
  3. morgan01

    Jenn & Dusty L1 contact

    Good luck guys!!
  4. Harley79

    Jenn & Dusty L1 contact

    Fingers crossed
  5. Last week
  6. Tracy01

    Jenn & Dusty L1 contact

    Looks great
  7. rebecca_s

    Lorna and Lordi

    Ah well done Lordi and Lorna!
  8. KellyM

    Lorna and Lordi

    It’s official - Lordi can fly!
  9. Thank you Meredith xx
  10. Harley79

    Jenn & Dusty L1 contact

    Thank you!! Almost sideways at a trot hey lol
  11. Windnwillow

    Best of the west stockmans challenge practice

    Thanks Simone - I have heaps of practice to do but it’s good to just get out and have a go and use what u have learnt There is a bareback obstacle course with bridge, small jumps and pole on a drum which u move to another drum and straddling a pole I think Cattle section cross country course whip crack section with targets trim or shoe horse section pack horse obstacle course
  12. Windnwillow

    I see BLUE!!! for Georgia and Perl.

    Wow!! Well done guys!!
  13. Meredith

    Herd Leader Position Available

    Terrific Marie. I'll keep an ear out also. M
  14. retrorods

    Jenn & Dusty L1 contact

    Wow, those sideways are a huge improvement since the clinic! Nice impulsion in them, great work and good luck with your feedback.
  15. retrorods

    Luna & Darcy L2 Simple Leads

    Good work Luna, I know how hard you have been practicing and really helping Darcy carry himself properly. Those simples have been a challenge, but you are really making progress.
  16. Sounds like you all had a fantastic time. Lots of happy horses and faces! I was following the photos on facebook, and it looked really successful. I am looking forward to hearing about it in more detail, and wished I could of joined you all - next time! Have a very merry Christmas!
  17. retrorods

    Merry Xmas

    Thanks for a great year Simone! Looking forward to next year and all the achievements yet to come! Take care, and see you soon. XFi
  18. retrorods

    Yogi’s for sale :(

    Yogi is lovely, and I am sure he will find an awesome QS home. He has done a few QS camps with interstate students, attended horse training with me as Sophie mentioned, and is cruising through his level 2. It must be a hard decision, but I am sure he will find a new home to continue his education, while you play mummy for a while - congratulations!
  19. Hi Meredith, I´m not really happy with this...it has (all) actually worked so much better lately, without camera Thanks for feedback nevertheless. First snow on camera this winter though! Santa is coming
  20. I hard decision has been made.... I’m regrettably selling my paint horse Yogi . I’m due to have my first child in May and have come to the realisation that I’m just not going to have the time for him. He is too good to be a paddock ornament also. He is an 8year old registered paint gelding, approximately 15.3hh. We have been doing QS for just over 2 years. We have been working on level 2 and have completed the online assignments. He is a beautiful boy with what has been labeled as a big play drive. So in saying this he wouldn’t be suitable for a beginner as he needs someone that has confidence and to tell him no sometimes. He spent 2 weeks with QS Prof Fiona Prescott last year and was working at the top end of level 2/early level 3 stuff. We have attended many QS clinics, play days, trail rides, obstacle courses etc. If you’re interested in him let me know and I can dig out some of my assignment videos for you. Sophie
  21. lieni

    15. Dezember 2018

    In the beginning I was thinking in which hand it is better to hold the rope while mounting, this looks really strange
  22. Bindibo

    Best of the west stockmans challenge practice

    Go Claire , Gotta love a challenge, you will get so much just out of the practise your confidences in your horse's will grow and in your self. Please Claire, show us what your challenges are maybe we could use them in our practise session and we can compare and share. Sort of like beening there with you. Keep us posted.
  23. Well me and Codee are giving the Best of the West Stockmans Challenge ago next year - we did some practice today with him being the pack horse and he was amazing - he just stayed calm the whole time and checked in with me to see it was ok. I cracked a whip from his back at the stop, walk, trot and canter ( with out hitting him with it thanks goodness ) for the first time and he took it all in his stride so well. We also practiced the loose horse catch and codee just follwed my focus and helped tell the other horse where to go which did and didnt help lol we even got our front feet on the tractor tyre with me on his back. All the QS work is paying off and it’s so cool to have a horse that will give anything ago using his brain and not shutting down thanks Jill Prince for all your knowledge and support I’m excited for what in store in our journey together
  24. marienzkye

    Chris and Teddy

    Wow!!! Good luck
  25. Judy

    Brumby Connection Camp 2018

    wow, what a touching video!
  26. marienzkye

    Jenn & Dusty L1 contact

    Great work Jen
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