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    Hi everyone. I've just got a question I've been pondering for a few months and I still need some help to answer it. I have a friend and her mare is really irresponsive to any kind of offer or phase. I've had a play around with the mare when she was over at my house with my friend. I tried some no yield on her, she was a bit concerned about my stick and string, but was good after a few minutes. So I tried some basic yields with her and some short range circles. I got a tiny try of hindquarter and forequarter but I had to run through my phases a few times for anything (so it doesn't count as a try in the end). When I tried some circles with her I found that she has absolutely no understanding of personal space. When she came into my space I asked her out again with some energy and had no response from her, so I went through my phases with a nice big and visual phase four but she still didn't get out of my space! I tried for a while longer and I pretty much had to phase four right on top of her poll to get her to just lean out a little. So basically, how can I help my friend to show her mare the good deal and release if the mare isn't responsive at all to any kind of offer or phase. She just totally shuts off and shuts me or my friend out. **please note that my friend looked into QS but her family can't afford it** Thanks in advance.
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  4. 2017 Achievements

    AAAAHHHHHHHH! What wonderful news! ROPE champion, now thats a goal and a half! Im a bit teary actually Jane... Thank you so much for sharing your journey, goals and personal story. You are an inspiration, how lucky is Gulliver to have you in his life, he is gorgeous btw!
  5. 2017 Achievements

    I started this year with Level 1 behind me and my goals were to progress in level 2 and feel confident to canter Gulliver in a circle. I am proud to report that I have finished the easier half of the assignments in level 2. I can also canter Gulliver and have learnt thanks to Mel's Impulsion Clinic how to ride up into the canter and get my direct rein lighter. I have a great connection with my big boy who always gives me his best try. Thanks to the Great support of Fiona and all the wonderful Quantum Savvy family both in our play groups and online we are achieving more than I every felt possible. I now never feel nervous when heading out to practice my homework and know that Gulliver has my back if I make a mistake. Now to plan for the future. I have a huge journey ahead of me as we head into more challenging assignments. This journey involves my own physical journey in managing my Fibromialgia and Achillies Tendonopathy. Lots of stretching and getting the weight off so that I can stay in the saddle long enough to get through the programs needed to move forward. I am not expecting fast progress but I do promise to always practice the Quantum Savvy principles when ever I am with my horses. I know I will finish level 2 some day but not in 2018 as bareback on a wide back horse may sound comfy but the reality is that sitting with legs so wide does make it far more difficult to balance. I dream of being able to one day but one step at a time. Also will need a QS saddle at some stage and I am putting things in place to be able to afford it in about 2 years. Mostly I just want to be a ROPE champion to my horse and enjoy the journey.
  6. Lesson packages with Alexia

    I do believe he is enjoying himself Meredith, it is clear to see and the staff at the yard have noticed his confidence increase which is great. He is a real character too, when Alexia and I are chatting he joins in with the odd little whicker, so sweet I was chatting to Lorraine last night and she was shocked that he was 29 years young, gave her hope for Miss Chief x
  7. Hope this video is alright - the 44 drum did the videoing however it couldn't press the on and off, so we went over by 4 secs.
  8. 2018 QS Calendars out now

    QUANTUM SAVVY CALENDARS GOING LIKE HOT CAKES...... have you got yours yet? Be quick or miss out on these beautiful Quantum Savvy Calendars, each month featuring our fantastic professionals team from around the world and filled with all the major QS events like camps, clinics and horse training across the globe to keep you up to date and so you can plan you horsemanship year. Here's a sneak pic of some of our wonderful QS Team. Contact the QS office or your nearest Agent today to grab yours. promotions@quantumsavvy.com or find us on facebook. Merry Christmas, Meredith
  9. I hope we're not too far away in the video Shane. The bottom part of my paddock is super wet so I had to stay up in the top half.
  10. Last week
  11. Lesson packages with Alexia

    Good on you Tracy. Buster is a real gem isn't he....I bet he is enjoying himself also....his new found range of movement and mental stimulation.
  12. Lesson packages with Alexia

    Of course I can see our progress however as we progress we have to iron out all the wee things that are holding us back, such as my legs and seat lol. Buster is a little gem and tries very hard for me and I realise I may be confusing him, so I need to sort myself out and get my timimg right with all my asks and remember to release at the right time, not before and not after............there is the magic We are getting there, I feel it and so does he. Buster came cantering up his field yesterday morning to come in so clearly feeling good in himself and as you could hear is quite chatty during class with the odd little laugh at us no doubt. Dont worry Alexia I am focussing on the good and I am delighted to be getting some sideways I love looking after you all too xxx
  13. Lesson packages with Alexia

    Oh Tracy, I hope you aren't only recognising a few bad habits. I hope you are also appreciating how much progress you have made and how much Buster tries for you despite his elderly status. The pair of you have done so well and made such huge progress over the last month. That 2 rein riding blue tick is very close now and then you've only got one left! And thank you for looking after us so well during the horrid cold weather.
  14. I have just completed a series of lesson packages with Alexia and a couple of my group members. Of course the weather had to turn nasty on us and we went into minus figures over here in the UK however we persevered and our sideways is definately getting there. I realise I have quite a few bad habits when Buster is not using his forward, which I must address. i am really pleased with our progress though, despite the horrible conditions and we filmed a soggy assignment for feedback too Thanks Alexia for everything xxx
  15. Float Covers

    Hi Everyone, I am looking at purchasing a float cover for my new float. Does anyone have any experience with these, positive or negative? I've read that some are quite difficult to get on, that some rub your paint and that some make it sweat and rust. You can PM me if you'd like to mention any specific brands. Thanks in advance Sarah
  16. Building Rapport Camp

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing
  17. Building Rapport Camp

    I had the absolute pleasure of spending one whole week in country Victoria on a Building Rapport Camp with Meredith and 8 students. I can't tell you how much I got out of this camp. Since I have been home I have been shocked with the change in my and Dolly's relationship. We always had trouble floating, yes, two years and still our Achilles. The camp, my awareness of Dolly's needs and enhancing my skills have nailed this pesky dilemma. Mel showed me her magic as a storm approached and everyone was getting cold. And I can 'get' the timing now. Amazing. If you ever get the opportunity, as Molly used to say, "Do yourself a favour" and sign up for this life changing experience. And do your homework (note to self).
  18. Impulsion issuecimibg out of roll back

    Campdrafting is great fun, and I am excited to hear your out competing and using your QS skills in our chosen sport! Would love to see a photo or two! I agree the southern cross pattern soon gets your horse balanced and using their hind around the turns, which will then help acceleration. Also remembering to offer the good deal of release, after the turn to show your horse where comfort is, and soon enough he will be leaving you behind. You will also get to practice this in the gallop pattern in level 3 soon.
  19. just like to.....

    That’s just so lovely to hear Simone! So glad you and Bindi have had a great year, I’m sure next year will bring many more happy memories. Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas too Elise
  20. just like to.....

    Say a huge THANK YOU to every one for your support ,feedback, kindness, and the great fun that Bindi and I have had this year. We have progress sooo much and we are looking forward to next year we wish everyone a Merry Xmas and happy new year and look forward to new experiences, everyone be savvy and safe. From Bindi and Simone.
  21. Impulsion issuecimibg out of roll back

    Great advice from Shane & Jill, look forward to hearing how it progresses for you!
  22. Impulsion issuecimibg out of roll back

    HI Clare, I missed this, I was keeping my eye out in the Level 2 section..... Using the southern cross will definitely help, the Achieving Impulsion program, will be amazing for him. You will be able to help him see the release in the forward and wallah! Before you know it you'll only have to think it and he will be there. He should turn and power out from your focus and energy rather than speeding your body up, this would put you both out of rhythm with each other. Its been a while since your post, how has it been going?
  23. Julia Parqui and isis

    My Short range yields assignment, enjoy!
  24. Julia Parqui and Isis

    My Short range assignment, enjoy!
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  26. New to QS

    Welcome Danielle and Jack! Love your pictures, looks like you are wasting no time in getting stuck into it.
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