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  3. Tracy44

    Tracy & Apollo

    L1 Short range #3
  4. mel

    Way to go Liv and Matilda

    Wow! Congratulations Liv and Matilda! Awesome work.
  5. Last week
  6. Hi Shane. Khmari got a bit emotional and reactive a couple of times here, I'm thinking due to the loud football going on across the road. I look forward to our feedback, thanks
  7. Hi Shane. I'm pretty happy with this one. Only thing in Khmari braced up in the hindquarters off of the right circle. I look forward to some feedback to help us improve
  8. jane_gully

    QS Saddle has arrived.

    I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my saddle as without one I have stalled a bit. I have had it about 2 weeks and today I got to take it to our playday at Cooroy. Poor Gully is a bit lacking in the muscle tone department and was feeling just a little bit fresh so we got to see the arena a bit faster than usual. By the end we managed to get some good direct reins and change of direction. I am slipping and sliding around in the saddle so much playing with all the movement I now have and am starting to get the hang of using my hips so much better. After being stuck in a saddle that was way too small for me for so long it feels good to be free. I have a lot of work to do on myself to loosen up my shoulders and be more comfortable leaning further back. My first few rides in the saddle I practiced my rein positions and rebounds which are going so much better in the new saddle. Gulliver is responding so much better and I can feel the improvement in our connection when riding already. He was a bit to emotional this morning but I was really happy with how much lighter he was in the direct rein. I will be riding again tomorrow with some homework cards to read.
  9. Judy

    QS events Germany and Holland 2018

    looking very much forward to seeing you next year! maybe even in Australia
  10. Bit sticky sideways but better than last assignment lol.
  11. LunaMorrow

    Troubles with no contact hindquarter yields

    Glad I can help. Will you be coming to the play day tomorrow?
  12. ladybird

    Troubles with no contact hindquarter yields

    Thanks Luna, that makes sense. I will try that next time.
  13. LunaMorrow

    Troubles with no contact hindquarter yields

    Hi. I'd recommend trying to just get one good step at a time. Ask for the hindquarter but make sure Ladybird doesn't step across and into your personal space with her front end. If she does try to put a block up with your leadrope or stick so that she is running into the block, rather than you phasing her - and keep asking for the hindquarter until you get a good step. Then release and rub. Once you can consistently get 1 good step without her shoulder barging into your space then you can start asking for 2 to 3 steps at a time, giving release between each ask. I hope this helps and good luck with it
  14. Shane

    Go away from the other Horses

    Great success. Yes I agree, it is more about what we do and how we are feeling than what most people understand. It is a balance of thinking and doing, no good just doing the same mistake over and over but it is also no good to just do all thinking and no doing. Mistakes we can learn from, think about what we did and how to do it better and then do some more.
  15. Initially I thought we were doing ok until Shane pointed out that Ladybird is actually stepping across towards me as I ask her to no contact yield her hindquarter. There has been a tendency for her to do it in the hindquarter contact yield as well but ending when she gets it right is showing marked improvement but the no contact yield is where she keeps stepping towards me. Any pointers would be most welcome because I'm feeling very stuck.
  16. Meredith

    QS events Germany and Holland 2018

    Ah.....what a wonderful post. Thank you Judy for your lovely words. QS is pretty special isn't it and I know you all had a fabulous time with Carola and will have learnt so much. Thank you Carola, again from me for stepping in. We really, really missed seeing everyone in person. I can't tell you how much. But I know it was a terrific event and it was so lovely to chat with you all. Aileen, I am also really pleased to hear that you had some success with your trailer loading. That is great mews. Keep at it, keep in touch here on the forum and we will see you all again next year. M
  17. lieni

    QS events Germany and Holland 2018

    Very nice written, Judy I learned very much too in Germany and I was feeling very well If Monty was going on the trailer.I think especially the exercises with the Bodylanguage helped me a lot. I have to thank Carola very much too for the 2 days!
  18. Hello Everybody, three months ago I had a problem with Monty to go away from the other Horses. I was really frusted and sad about that, because that means that he wasn't confident and only fell save when he was with his herd. Also he didn't liked if I touched his head, he always looked away from me so that I couldn't touched him. Now, three months later we can go away from the other horses without start panic and cry at the horses.Also I can touch his head now. A little succes! Also I learned that I really can't want that he go with me and feels save, If I don't feel save!! Many people think it are the horses, which have problems but often it are we,the people Do you think so too? I am really excited about our future and about all I will learn! It is only always so difficult forme, because most people say to me:Do,not think , do! You think to much... And it are many many people, and all my friends think so too. But I am very happy about our little succes!
  19. Hi everybody! I´ve just had the most wonderfuls days of this year, spent at QS camps in Germany and Holland and don´t want to miss saying some words about it here One week full of horsemanship, learning, laughter, tears, unbearable heat and of corse horses. It was amazing to see and feel the progress we all, including our fantastic horses, could make in such a short time, both in Germany while our L1 clinic and in Holland while the 3 day L2 kick-start camp. I had looked forward to this week the whole year and after last years BR camp with Meredith I couldn´t wait to meet everyone and be in the QS bubble again. It topped all of my expectations! What a great experience it was once again, we were all so so sad when it was time to say goodbye. I miss everybody massive. I can only recommend anyone to grab the opportunity to join in a QS clinic or camp! It is an indescribable feeling to be together with the QS family and learn with and from each other. I want to thank Carola again for making these two events happen – especially the German crew appreciates it so so much that you came over (fully pregnant btw!). You are a fantastic coach and teacher! I also want to thank Meredith and Shane that you both had the time to chat with us. Though you sadly couldn´t be there in person (we all truly missed you!), chatting with you felt like you were right there in the middle of us Thanks for answering all questions, for your advices (they helped me massive!) and your lovely words, Meredith, they made me quite emotional. As always, haha I can´t put in words how much I appreciate to be part of this great community and how happy I am to finally, after many years of searching and testing, have found you guys who not only call themselves horseman, but who actually ARE horseman – real ones! It´s an honour to learn from you! I can´t wait for the next events, QS rocks!
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  21. georgia_perl

    Georgia and Perl L3 Flank Rope

    THanks Luna!
  22. Ok, thanks for info! Yes it makes sense to wait, will do that for now besides, there are still 2 assignments of L1 to be done for Zoe and me, they will keep me buisy enough lol
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