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  2. Wow, thanks for such a warm welcome you all. Got my first tick last weekend and feeling thrilled.and it’s only just the beginning....what fun this is going to be! Yay!
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  4. Well we're just over half way now through our Summer Lessons with only one more lesson in Murwillumbah to go and two here at QSSC (including the Contact, Collection and Elevation weekend ). It's been an awesome summer to date with lot of Blue Ticks so far and loads more still to come I'm sure and very soon. My most recent demo on how your horse should move was I think for many, enlightening and informative and hopefully helpful with unlocking some ideas on achieving true forward and a happy, healthy horse. I had lots of questions and comments from everyone who came along, so I'll keep offering this demo for other groups this year as I believe it is really beneficial. Our lessons in Murwillumbah were epic once again. Lots of achievements especially when it comes to helping our horses to stay mentally engaged, thinking and therefore calm and confident. The Woolooga group are also making terrific progress with the youngsters going great guns with their liberty and my L1 class now up and riding. We also had our first L3 lesson this time with Jane and Gully and if I may say so, loads of progress with our perfect study plans. Many congrats to Donna Rose for another blue tick and also for her supreme effort on Saturday night doing her spiral assignment in a thunder storm. The rain was so heavy I could barely see her and Rocky. Thanks for the rescue and hat Jen H. There is still time to join me for these last few lessons but be quick....the summer is almost over. M
  5. Fantastic Simone. M
  6. Yep....that's just because she is green Sarah. Education will sort of any wrinkles and you'll learn so very much. M
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  9. Must have been doing something right Vicki! But you're absolutely right. it will be timely for the two of you....that green string is oh so close! And for anyone approaching the end of their level or who would like to see where all this is headed and to understand the true meaning and importance of self carriage, contact, collection and elevation for all horses. This is THE weekend. M
  10. Lovely after noon trail ride up in the hills Bindi was awesome she gets a huge blue tick from me. Look what the rain left ( green grassy hills)
  11. It will be so timely for us. Dusty was giving me some nice h/q in and out of the circle yesterday. We were also getting counter canter on the circle.... I just have to figure out what I did to achieve it lol.
  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  13. Hi Vicki. I've got you penciled in so I'll PM you with confirmation details. I'm so excited that you'll be joining me for this weekend. It's going to be fantastic and very interesting. M
  14. Hi Meredith, l want to book in for this weekend, level 3. How should I pay for it? Will I wait for an invoice to be sent? thanks Vicki
  15. Great advice from everyone here Sarah...This situation was a great opportunity for you to step up and protect her (which it sounds like you did) Remember that if our horses know that we have got their back that they will be able to feel safe with us. I reckon you would have won a lot of brownie points over this, well done for protecting her And...regardless of weather she was in season or not it sounds like the other horse has a bit of personal space learning to do so make sure that he never gets too close if you have to go through his paddock again. If you are consistent with this, it wont be long before he takes no notice of the two of you.
  16. Congratulations Aileen and Monty!! I am so totally with you - I wouldn't be happy if my horse isn't either. Enjoy your Level 2 journey, you are going to love it!
  17. Congratulation Aileen. Isn't Monty so lucky to have you for his human. I commend you on your courage and commitment to your horse and yourself. You are literally 1 in a million and a super special chick! Have fun in Level 2!
  18. BLUE OR PURPLE TICK TALLY FOR THE SUMMER Vicki Kilborn - 1 Georgia Rose - 1 Liam Ransley - 2 Chrissie Jenkins - 1 Caitlin Ransley - 1 Donna Rose - 1 M
  19. Just a reminder folks that you can download my Release Focused Training book FREE here on the Forum. If you've never read it, download and enjoy it today and find out just what is the philosophy behind Quantum Savvy and indeed Shane and myself in regard to success with horses. And if you have read it before, now is the perfect time to visit it again for a refresher. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY everyone.....enjoy. M
  20. Thanks everyone for the advice. Yes Miss Dakota is certainly good at giving me feedback and has quite a bit of spunk about her. I find she is constantly giving me little "tests" that I have to step up my leadership for and not lose focus.
  21. mel

    QS Works!

    Wow! What a fabulous result after just 10 days! Well done Riddhima, lovely to meet yourself and Bill, I look forward to seeing more of your journey together.
  22. What a lovely start to the program Riddhima, sounds like Bill too is very glad you found QS!
  23. Kerri_

    QS Works!

    Hi Riddhima, this is so wonderful to see. So glad you found QS!
  24. Hi Riddhima and Bill, What a wonderful start to your journey, I look forward to seeing and hearing more about it. Regards Jill.
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  26. Windnwillow

    Facing The Truth

    This really resonated with me “Wanted so badly for them to trust me with their lives but I didn’t trust them with mine “ thansk for sharing
  27. Wow he is huge! Looking forward to more stories
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