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  1. Yesterday
  2. Wohooo, congratulations Luna & Yogi!
  3. Congratulations Luna, on completing your "Module One" and way to go Yogi.
  4. Last week
  5. I am so very sorry, my deepest condolences x
  6. Congratulations on completing your "Module One" Ellie and well done Flip.
  7. Aileen it will be a memory that you will keep forever. Image what else you can do with horse with great energy.
  8. Awesome!! What a great connection you are building.
  9. Hey everyone, I want to share a big success with you! It was ca. 3 weeks ago...... On this day it was very warm and after training I disconnected us and let him go a bit in the riding area . He layed down but didn’t stand up again. First I was a bit scared and went to him, but when I was next to him he layed down completly with his head on my legs and finally he closed his eyes completly! It was like a magical moment.... A few days later he did it again and I wanted to test some things. When he layed down completly, I stand up and went away....and look, he wanted to stand up too! I sat down on his back and fokused up. Monty stand up with me on his back! It was a wonderful moment!! Aileen
  10. Yes I do. I will post them to you.
  11. fantastic! Check out the Qsports page for the class lists.
  12. Such a tragic loss - so sad for the family. Yes a good reminder to always be vigilant around our horses and take good habits seriously. Preparation and knowledge is our best tool in our tool kits.
  13. NOMINATION FORMS ARE OUT! Complete your form and email it to me at qsburbank@gmail.com This is designed to be a fun and supportive weekend. If you have never competed before make sure you enter at least the groundwork section for your level! We are all there to help each other through and it is a lot of fun.
  14. QSports Sunshine Coast Combined Club Competition When: Saturday 12th of October Where: Buderim Pony Club QLD All QS Members encouraged to nominate! This years event is shaping up to be a wonderful event it would be well worth a road trip! QSports was designed to showcase the horsemanship, communication and relationship between horse and human. A progressive sport that not only highlights the skill of the rider and the connection between horse and human, it also augments the abilities of both as the competition progresses. QSports pattern is based around the QS Southern Cross pattern and there are groundwork classes, as well as liberty and ridden classes. There is also an open freestyle event where competitors can create a unique and fun routine.All QS members are welcome to nominate, and spectators are encouraged to come along and support the students. Lunchtime demonstration from QS Profs and a campfire presentation dinner for trophies and ribbons make for a fantastic weekend.Contact your group organiser for more details, or contact Fiona Prescott on 0405 484 232 or via messenger.Nomination forms will be posted below shortly. Visit the QSports facebook page for more information.
  15. Here are the nominations for this years event! Be quick to get yours in due to high class numbers last year, this year class sizes will be capped!
  16. Sending my love and thoughts to you and your friends Sarah. I
  17. He's a lucky boy Jen! Looking forward to watching and sharing this journey!
  18. Spot on! I guess on a personal development side of things too, if we can read an article that that Jen and we can look at all they have said and claimed without it causing emotion, then we are on the right path as horsemen and humans too.......If we can look at information put before me and sort through it objectively and without judgement Id be pretty happy with that. Im working on it!
  19. Do you have the photo USB Fiona? M
  20. He he, sounds tricky. What is collection and self carriage to the person? I would say collection And self-carriage is the same thing. You can't have one without the other! So when do we start self-carriage? Here is the tricky bit that the others seem to miss. Self-carriage is lateral softness in all gaits. So the real question is when do we start lateral flexion But wait! Lateral flexion comes from trust and rapport! Right, so the real question is when do we start building trust and rapport? But wait, to be able to give trust and offer rapport there would need to be unconditional love for the horse! Maybe this is why some people never get collection and self-carriage.! Something to ponder .
  21. Dreams become realities at QSE! In 2020 spend 5 to 10 days immersed in horsemanship! The Early Bird Discount is still available, save 20% off your camp or if you are a returning rider save 30%. For a limited time only. Send myself or Meredith a message for dates and details.
  22. The horse training courses in September are approaching fast! This is your last chance to book your horse in for training with Meredith or another QS Professional Horse Trainer. Send myself or Meredith a message to talk about how horse training could benefit your horse. I have personally had my horse Pearl trained by both Meredith and Mel and I can't reccomend them both highly enough!
  23. ARTICLE HIGHLIGHT Time to change – by Meredith Ransley In this informative article, Meredith discusses the immediate need for change in the horse industry. She explains how deaths around horses are unacceptable and sheds light on some very common and misinformed beliefs. Belief number one: That horses are dangerous. Belief number two: That it’s okay to ride dangerous horses as long as we wear a helmet and use the right gear on the horse. Read more at this link - https://meredithransley.com.au/time-to-change/
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