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  3. Sorry to miss this event Meredith. I hope you all have fun, I am looking forward to picking up my Blueboy from his holiday!
  4. Module Completion Congratulations on completing Module 5 - Impulsion. You've reached a huge milestone on completing this Module. A fantastic accomplishment to achieve for both you and your horse. Having a horse (and rider) who is calm and confident at all gaits, is such a pleasure and a great goal. Very well done. Take a moment to congratulate yourself and to look at how far you and your horse have come. This now, is your final message from Meredith for this Module. In it she talks about revisiting your Homework Cards and getting all those homework boxes ticked, getting your final assignment - the Flying Change Assignment - in, and finishing off all your other Assignments. Week 6 Assignment The Flying Change Assignment. Week 6 Assignments.pdf Flying Change Assignment video The Flying Lead Change and Gallop with Meredith and Dirk. Trail Training Check list After you have your impulsion going well, get your horse out on the trail and have some fun doing this check list.Video coming soon to help you with the tasks in this list.. Trail Training check list.pdf 100 Things To Do With Your Horse video Some great ideas from the '100 Things to do with Your Horse - Level 2' video, for you to have fun with while working on your impulsion and no-contact riding. . Module 6 - Contact Get started on your Module 6 today! This week, to prepare you for the next Module, take the time to go back over your Homework Cards and make sure all of those boxes are ticked. Even if you have a few assignments still to complete, you can start your Module 6. Just keep submitting your Module 5 Assignments as you get started on Module 6 - Contact. Congratulations and have fun.
  5. Week 5 Welcome to Week 5 Meredith looks at what we'll be doing this week, specifically the flying lead changes and galloping homework. There are lots of hints and tips videos plus, to help you become an even better rider, we have more from the fantastic Harmony in Motion Program with Meredith. And, more from the Impulsion Program with Shane and Mejor. Week 5 Homework This week's homework looks at picking up the pace and flying lead changes. Week 5 Homework cards.pdf Week 5 Impulsion video A fantastic video with Shane and Mejor looking at all the Impulsion Programs. Harmony in Motion Lesson 10 video This video looks at using just your focus to ride a circle. An awesome video from the class to help get those reins even lighter. Flying Lead Change intro - Hints and tips video. All the 'Whys' and 'Hows' of the Flying Lead Change. Simple Lead Changes - Hints and tips video. Great exercises for warming up before flying lead changes. The Gallop Program - Hints and tips video. This video looks at the Gallop Program. An amazing video of this great program, to get your horse and you confident at speed. Speeding up in the center - Hints and tips video. Fantastic tips in this video, showing speeding up at the cone to get your flying changes smoothly and easily. Flying Lead Changes with a pole - Hints and tips video. More fabulous tips, this time showing how to use a 75-150mm pole in the fly change pattern for your assignment.
  6. Week 4 Welcome to Week 4 A word from Meredith about what to expect this week. There are some really handy videos, to help keep yourself and your horse confident and relaxed and staying in time together. We also have Meredith and Atlas with the fabulous Footfalls video as well as Shane and Mejor with this week's tips from the Impulsion Program video. And, there is also your next Assignment - Simple Lead Changes. So have fun and get that assignment in as soon as you can, so your coach can give you some feedback. Week 4 Homework This week's homework looks at footfalls, to help you understand and feel your horse's movement in all gaits. Plus it's a lot of fun! Week 4 Homework cards.pdf Week 4 Assignment The Assignment this week is the Simple Lead Changes Assignment. This one covers riding on the correct diagonal at the trot as well as transitions down the fence line. Week 4 Assignments.pdf Simple Lead Changes Assignment video The Simple Lead Changes Assignment with Meredith and Dirk. Week 4 Impulsion video This video shows Shane and Mejor looking at using lateral softness in transitions. Footfalls video This video covers several topics. First, Meredith and her 21 yr old X racehorse Atlas, take you through how a horse moves and where their weight is while they are moving, so you know where your own weight should be when riding. Next, there is a great section on how and in what order your horse's feet hit the ground, which will help you immensely to understand the rhythm and timing in your riding. Including also some very useful tips on how to get in time with the horse's diagonals at the trot.
  7. Awesome Shane, I will be setting up a south cross this arvo looks like a lot of fun.
  8. Fantastic Jane. Its such a great venue. I wont be able to make it with all the Field Day planning, but I am sure you will all have a great day.
  9. Sunday the 14th July is our play day. Please let me know if you are coming so that we can plan the spaces we will need for everyone to make the most of our fabulous facility. Look forward to getting together and share our recent QS experiences. Arena time is 9am to 11am.
  10. This video shows a great series of tasks on the southern cross pattern to help you horse get balanced at all gaits, while encouraging your horse to use it's hindquarter in transitions and to build great self-carriage.
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  12. Nice work Jen, its nice to see and hear about the crew.
  13. Woohoo!....go Boston. What a little champion. Hey Jen......it'd be nice to see some of this on the QS facebook pages????? M
  14. Sharon helped me with some pics of Boston and our session yesterday.
  15. So inspirational! Go Georgia and Pearl! That's awesome. Congratulations
  16. Wow! Lots of awesomeTah Dah moments happening,so fantastic to see!What wonderful achievements for you all.
  17. Very good, you must have had fun making this xxx
  18. Absolutely Meredith!
  19. I want to come! Have a fabulous time everyone.
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